Changes To Greece Brought About By WWI Essay

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Changes to Greece Brought About By WWI.

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Changes To Greece Brought About By WWI
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World War One greatly affected many states in Europe. Some of the post-war affects were the state & # 8217 ; s population, economic system, political relations, and geographics. Normally, when wars come to stop, there are victors and also-rans. One party celebrates its triumph while the other attempts to get the better of its licking. Sometimes the masters see their enemies weak period as an chance to take back their rightful portion.

In the early 19 hundred & # 8217 ; s Greece was playing with the winning squad ( Greece- History ) .

It saw Turkey as weak, therefore a opportunity to repossess western Turkey. Western Turkey was of import to Greece because it used to be Grecian district and still remained immensely populated by Greeks ( Greece ) .

During World War One, the Grecian military personnels served with differentiation on the Allied side ( Greece-History ) . When the war ended in 1918, Germany and the Ottoman Empire were defeated, but the Allies & # 8217 ; promised land to Greece in western Turkey was non forthcoming.

In May 1919, for grounds of protecting the half a million Greeks life in Smyrna ( contemporary Izmir, Turkey ) , Greece decided to take affairs into its ain custodies, and landed military personnels on Turkey & # 8217 ; s seashore. With a house bridgehead in western Turkey, Greece organized an invasion inland ( Greece ) .

Greece fought its manner through the unsmooth promontories of western Turkey. It pushed Turkish forces

back to the Sakarya river. The Greeks at this point were highly close to Ankara, the caput of Turkey. They thought a captured Ankara would ensue in a fusion with old Grecian district. This would reunite the 1000000s of Greeks life in Turkey with mainland Greece one time once more. It would stabilise the economic system and procure the Bosborus Strait ( the sound between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea ) . The Grecian ground forces intended to go on its push right through Ankara. Once captured, it would stabilise its recaptured district, and reunite it with the remainder of Greece ( Dr. Chrysomilides ) .

In May 1919, when the Grecian armed forces decided to set down its forces in Smyrna, it was seeking to take back its rightful portion. Greece, after fall ining the Allies, was winning in World War One ( Greece-History ) . Turkey, one of the war & # 8217 ; s great also-rans, was urgently seeking to recover from its enormous loss. Its Ottoman Empire was no longer in its extremum, and Greece saw that as a clip for repossessing its old land.

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