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Changing In Nursing

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Most people do not like change however there are approaches that can be taken to help lessen and in some respects alleviate the concerns that come from change. The three approaches that I believe will assist in managing the resistance to change in the hospital nursing scenario would be education and communication; participation; and negotiation.

Since the proposed change seems to be based on a new concept or idea there appears to be a lack of information and knowledge that would be aided by the first two approaches, and since there are two teams led by two strong individuals the third approach of negotiation would serve well to meet the desired outcome Each team deemed their work the most important and neither had a clear understanding of what the other team did or their importance to the organization.

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Changing In Nursing
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Letting the team leaders and other employees see the logic of the change and getting them to see how the other side works would be a key to success.

The nurses see their jobs as important and valuable. They also see their time as limited. Using education and community to manage the change would be aided by both Kotter’s Eight-Step Plan. Kotter’s approach is important to establish the answer to “Why? ” Change for the sake of change isn’t good and just because you read an article in a magazine doesn’t really justify the change. Explaining why the sense of urgency, what the benefits will be, getting others involved will be important. It would educate the group on the bigger picture and the overall importance of the change.

It will also help to get them involved and to buy into the concept. The second approach, organizational development values what these two groups already know, collaboration and participation. The teams individually already work well and value their effectiveness and the services they provide. This approach places emphasis on collaboration, something they already know. The values of respect, trust, equal power and participation are important to these groups and will help them to see the importance of working together to meet a mutual goal of patient care and efficiency.

The two team leaders not only lack information but they have the power to resist the change because they lead the employees who are needed to make the change. The participation approach will aide in the resistance to change by educating these two individuals and making them and their employees a part of the process. As with the first approach, using both Kotter’s Plan and Organizational Development will be helpful. Empowering the two groups to work through the barriers each perceives will not only help to reach the goal you are wanting, but will also give them ownership.

Since the nursing staff will see this as additional work, planning the short term successes will be important. Don’t dump the work on them all at once gradually incorporate it in so that the employees can see the benefits, as opposed to being overloaded with change. One of the key values of Organizational Development is the participative process. The more the team leaders and the employees can get involved in developing and implementing the change, the more they will work toward success. They will be part of what is done.

They are also the experts in the area of patient care and services, and what processes work and can use their expertise to streamline and enhance the processes. The final approach that would be used would be negotiation. Using Lewin’s Three-Step Model and Organizational Development would be two key approaches. Negotiating with each group will allow the nursing supervisor the ability to execute the necessary changes by offering incentive packages to lessen the resistance that comes with change. Since the concept is one of efficiencies maybe more down time during work would be perceived as a plus.

Another effective approach would be the implementation of a survey to determine where there are problems either perceived or real. Surveying the employees about the change and getting their feedback in survey form would go along way to telling the supervisor where there are concerns. The supervisor would garner trust and confidence by addressing the outlined concerns and working to eliminate them. The supervisor would also benefit by having the team develop action plans to address some of the concerns. Reference Cited Robbins, S. P. (2005). Organizational behavior (11th ed. ) Upper Saddle River, NJ Pearson Education

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