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Character Analysis Of Quentin Research Paper

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Quentin is the oldest kid of the Compson household. He is a really intelligent male child. When he is fixing to travel to Harvard, and his household sells a big land to a local golf nine in order to afford the financess to direct him at that place. We understand that Quentin s hereafter is really of import for the household. He is the award of the Compson household.

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Character Analysis Of Quentin Research Paper
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I think Quentin is the most qualified individual in the household because His brother, Benjamin is a dumb imbecile who is ever shouting and groaning.

His other brother, Jason is a barbarous adult male that he blackmails Miss Quentin s money. His male parent is an alky who dies of alcohol addiction, and her female parent is a pride and empty individual. Caddy is besides non a bright individual he is a promiscuous miss. But Quentin loves so much her; he is ever interested in Caddy. When Caddy loses her virginity, Quentin threatened to kill her and himself because Caddy is really of import for Quentin.

Quentin is a sensitive individual and he ever thinks about bad events in the household. He has tonss of tragic memories about his household. Quentin is obsessed with Caddy and memories of her; particularly he is obsessed with her promiscuousness. The loss of her virginity gives a deep hurting to Quentin. The hurting that Caddy s promiscuousness causes Quentin seems excessively intense to be simply a letdown at the staining award. And Quentin s response to her promiscuousness is stating his male parent that he and Caddy committed incest. It is non the act a individual concerned with household award. It is instead the act of a male child who is in love with his sister and so haunted with her pureness and virginity. When he understands that Caddy had sex with Dalton Ames. He became really angry and he said I II kill him I swear I will beget needtnt know until subsequently and so you and I nobody need of all time know we can take my school money we can call off my matriculation Caddy you hate him wear T you these were words of a brother who wants to protect his sister.

I think Quentin’s wish to hold committed incest is non a desire to hold sex with Caddy; that would shatter his ideals of pureness even more than her brushs with Dalton Ames. Nor is it, as we have determined, a manner to continue the household award. Alternatively, it seems to be a manner to maintain Caddy to himself everlastingly: “if it could merely be a snake pit beyond that: the clean fire the two of us more

than dead. Then you will hold merely me so merely me so the two of us amid the pointing and the horror beyond the clean flame” .

Quentin is obsessed with his shadow as he is with clip. He is continually stepping into and out of shadows, which are themselves a elusive reminder of the passing of clip, since their angle and length depends on the place of the Sun. Quentin tries to get away clip in some ways; he tries to avoid looking at redstem storksbills, he tries to go off from the sound of school bells or mill whistlings. When he returns to school he hears the bell tintinnabulation and has no thought what hr it is chiming off. He has succeeded in get awaying cognition oft he clip, but he still has non taken himself out of clip. The lone manner to get away from clip is to decease.

Quentin s self-destruction is non merely for get awaying from clip but besides it is for get awaying from his atrocious household. Possibly he is the honest member in the household but Compson household is non an honest household. He escapes from his memories by killing himself. He is a really sensitive individual and his memories give him a deep hurting. For illustration: Quentin tells his male parent that he committed incest with Caddy; his male parent does non believe him. Father takes a practical, logical, if unemotional position of caddy s gender, stating Quentin that adult females have a practical birthrate of intuition [ and ] an affinity for immorality, ‘ that he should non take her promiscuousness to bosom because it was inevitable.

Quentin s another painful memory is: he is seeking to carry caddy non to get married Herbert Head because he was a cad and was thrown out of his nine at Harvard for rip offing at cards. Quentin tries to convert Caddy to go forth with him, stating that they could take his school money; but Caddy says that Benjy s grazing land is sold that he could travel to Harvard, and that for him to go forth Harvard would be a treachery of Benjy. She asked Quentin to assure her that he would maintain Benjy out of the mental infirmary in Jackson after their male parent died.

After a twenty-four hours haunted by memory and clip, he is unable to bear the mundane pandemonium of alteration, peculiarly in visible radiation of his overpowering love for his sister and his inability to happen significance in his household s slow, inevitable diminution. Finally, he commits suicide by submerging himself toward the terminal of his first twelvemonth at Harvard.

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