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Character and Physical Appearance Essay

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Producing a character sketch, which is an outline of your protagonist, will help when you write a novel or fictional story because you will have a clear idea of what your protagonist looks like and his or her personality. Essentially, a character sketch is a visual picture. In order for your readers to visualise your character, you need to create one. By providing them with a character sketch, your readers will feel as if they are looking at them in an actual picture.

A character sketch is where you ask yourself questions about your character that delivers answers for your character sketch.

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Character and Physical Appearance
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What is a character builder? A character builder is an outline of your character’s life. For example, where your character lives, their physical appearance, education, hobbies, interests, personality, and possessions to name a few. When you begin to create a character sketch, you need to take each character trait and ask yourself questions to develop your character. For instance, what job do they have? As you continue with your sketch, you will soon find that your character has become a reality which means that your readers will be able to visualise and believe in them as well.

Physical appearance

Possibly, the easiest character trait to produce is that of your characters’ physical appearance. This describes the characters’ physical looks, the length and colour of their hair, what kind of clothes they like, and the colour of their eyes and skin. Personality While appearance is the easiest, personality is the hardest to describe. However, if you think of your character as a real person, then it won’t be so hard. Interests One way to effectively help your readers understand your character is by describing their interests which in turn could be interests that your readers have. This creates a bond between them. Thats it

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