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I chose Samaritan Jones from “Sex and the City” as one of my most favorite fictional characters. Samaritan is a sexy, confident, proud woman. She is not afraid to stand up to anyone and is a very loyal friend. She is non judgmental to her girls and offers them advice whenever possible. She also lives a very nontraditional type of life, and I think that is what intrigued me most about Samaritan. She portrays casualness to dating and monogamy.

Samaritan isn’t intimidated by men and doesn’t become attached to them either. I enjoy watching Samaritan on “Sex and the City’ because I view my “ideal” self in her. I think it’s important for all women to be confident and content in their “own shoes,” like Samaritan is in the show. Another favorite character of mine is Marlin from “Finding Memo. ” Marlin is a clownish who losses his son, Memo and will do anything possible to get him back. In this film, Marlin shows the unconditional love that a parent has for their child.

I really enjoyed watching this film because I am also a mother and can relate to Marlin in this film. Although Marlin has to face many different obstacles in order to get Memo, he is willing to risk everything for him, and I think any parent would do the same for their child. Manual is my most favorite Disney Princess character. She is unlike the traditional princess characters. She is very independent and outspoken. Manual just wants to be accepted for who she is and bring honor to her family once again. She is the only child in her family and does not fit the expectations of a nouns Chinese girl during her time.

She enjoys the outdoors which is not common for girls of that time. Manual ultimately sacrifices everything to please her family. I enjoy this character because Manual shows such selflessness in this film. She just wants to make her father proud and to be accepted. Bella Swan from the “Twilight Saga” is a very interesting character. She is displayed as an ordinary girl. She isn’t the most popular girl or wear name brand clothes. This shows young girls that it is okay to be ordinary.

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