Is Charter Change The Best Solution To Zamboanga Siege

CHARTER CHANGE or popularly known as “cha-cha” was already suggested to the Philippine government few years ago but the senate did not approve it after due deliberation. They said, it is not the answer to the crisis being faced by neither the Philippines nor the siege in Zamboanga. Misuari, now 71, may have lost the support and sympathy of the majority of the Muslim Filipinos. In a recent editorial on its website,, the MILF said that Misuari’s declaration of independence and ordering the assault of Zamboanga City “is a wild move that can cause him great trouble, perhaps a gradual slipping into oblivion.”

The MILF, whose present leaders were Misuari’s former commanders, said that the moral legitimacy of Misuari’s leadership is seriously doubted now, adding that the Zamboanga tragedy was “not an act of brinkmanship, which great leaders often do, but rather in summary a blunder.” Therefore, why changing the present Presidential form of government to Parliamentary system?

Moro officers and enlisted personnel of the 6th ID and its component brigades and battalions admitted having been embarrassed by the actions of Misuari’s followers who laid siege on several barangays in Zamboanga City. “Their violent actions constituted a serious violation of the GPH-MNLF peace agreement.

It was tantamount to abrogating the peace agreement,” said an Army major, whose father was an ethnic Maguindanaon guerrilla who fought government forces in the 1970s. “What they are doing now is an absolute disrespect to the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation), which is involved in the tripartite review of the peace agreement about five years ago,” seconded a Moro Army captain, who is of Tausog ancestry.

“It must be a peaceful `quadripartite interaction,’ in the spirit of amity and cooperation. No mutinies or bloody revolts just to dramatize ill feelings,” Sema said. If you noticed, Misuari’s fellow Moros were also against with what Misuari has done and his plans for Mindanao. As I have said, we don’t need an old, irrelevant fighter faking his formidability to take priority over these problems at these trying times. His siege of Zamboanga is a NUISANCE. But even more so, is Nur Misuari.

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