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Child Poverty Statistics in USA

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The national research center of child poverty in the american children”s statics show that the percentages of poverty in children have increase nationwide. during the infant years of childrens scientists have research and determine a child development growth has decline. statics shows that during the children”s early stages, because of the lack of financial support they face a higher risk of a brain impairment due to poverty.

some childrens live through the crisis and some can”t make it through the life style.

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Child Poverty Statistics in USA
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Poverty is define as an individual having the ability to provide for themselves. a person not knowing how they will be able to meet their needs. an individual visualizing their way of living through the lack of sufficient resource.

Brain is define as individual way of thinking their emotional thoughts and need. the brain is the systems that give a individual the ability to make decision. development is define asz individual way of proving changes through growth.

other words child poverty is summarized up as an individual ability to provide or survive by making their own decision.

the ability to provide for themselves in an everyday life.Research have also determine tha a child developmental growth may advanve according to the society in which they may have been born. some children brain development how evidence of improper development by the inheritsof which they grrow around. the growth of a child brain can be defected by a numerous of things while enduring the poverty stage of life.

listed below are some examples.1. Improper Nutrition – meaning a child that is not properly being feed the right nutrition could affect their ability to concentrate. they can”t read, talk, understand or even communicate with others properly.

they may be in denial and may not have the ability to properly physical growth.2. Substance Abuse Child – meaning during the pregnancy of a mother using drugs could affect their brain. the mother could be a smoker, drinking or a drug abuser the baby will be affected mental and physical.

3. Maternal Depression – meaning if the mother is going through some emotional, personnel problems in her life that could afgect the baby growth. it may cause her to lose sleep, not eating well can cause a nutritional problems for the baby well being.4.

Exposure to Environmental Toxins – meaning the effect that it”s has on unborn child intestinal division of the baby body. in taking any type of toxin from the air into the lungs could affect the breathing, or even the blood screen of the baby blood cell.5. Trauma Abuse – meaning any time a person has been physical abuse to the body can cause mental abuse, to the brain of a unborn child.

6.qualities of daily care-meaning during the portion of a child life time there must be some quality time spent and care during the activity of a child life.How can we reduce the poverty rate of the american childrens? the beginning of a child life and their developmental growth, first we must research and develop a plan of program to meet their needs. make available a positive atmosphere for them to live around, take care of the human bodies as mother while pregant.

most of all provides for them the quality of care that is needed to survive in the society in which they may be born.

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Child Poverty Statistics in USA. (2018, Jun 13). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/child-poverty-statistics-in-usa/

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