Choice and Chance “Romeo and Juliet”

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In The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet there are many cases in which pick and opportunity play a cardinal portion in what occurs in the drama. If these opportunities were non taken or by opportunity did non happen possibly Romeo and Juliet would hold escaped to Mantua. Although in the terminal their class was predetermined, it could have been altered in many different subdivisions.

To get down, Romeo had many picks to do. In bend they all went against him and resulted in his decease. But what if he had non married Juliet and still moped for Rosaline. Would Romeo and Juliet be a great literary work, or a dull narrative about a immature adult male that is non worthy of the paper on which it is printed. Romeo was a good friend to most. Unless, of class, your name is Mercutio.

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Why did Romeo measure in and halt his affaire d’honneur with Tybalt? If he had kept to himself than possibly Mercutio would be banished for killing Tybalt, and non Romeo. Would Romeo and Juliet s matrimony have ended the long feud so, or would this be to no help. Juliet made a life or decease pick in traveling to the mendicant about herailing psyche. If she did non travel to see the mendicant than possibly she would hold used the sticker and killed herself that dark.

Would Romeo hold gone to see Juliet at the grave. Would Romeo hold killed Paris so. Or would he run into him on the manner to the Capulet s Tomb once more. Would the Friar have come clean with the two households or would he hold kept his small secrets that lead to the deceases of two star-crossed lovers. All of these picks were made and greatly impacted the result of the drama.

Opportunity is the hazard we take in judging what we think will be the right determination. Romeo took many opportunities throughout the drama. Such as, when he decided to travel to the Capulet ball. If he were discovered he could be killed, or challenged to a affaire d’honneur. By opportunity, Tybalt heard his voice and alerted Lord Capulet of the interlopers. Fortunately plenty Lord Capulet was in a indulgent temper and did nil about it. The biggest opportunity throughout the full drama was taken by Juliet Capulet. The particular potion that the mendicant gave her could hold really good been toxicant.

What if she took it, but she woke up excessively shortly? She would surely dice of the horrid malodor of the coevalss of dead organic structures in the grave. If it were toxicant, would the mendicant have, finally, come clean with the two households or would he hold kept his secrets through to his ain grave. Romeo was non the smartest of chaps. He went to talk with Juliet while she was at her balcony. If he were discovered he would surely hold been killed. But, he was bosom struck by his new true love, and had to talk with her merely one time more. In decision, many picks and opportunities took portion in doing The Calamity of Romeo and Juliet a great literary work.

Shakespeare had a superb head for composing dramas. He deliberately left all of those what ifs to maintain the audience awe struck at what was traveling on. If an surrogate devising of determinations was made than who knows, possibly it would be called The comedy of Romeo and Juliet.

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