Falling in Love: Choice or Chance?

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Love is a complex and elusive emotion that can bring both intense happiness and deep scars. It is difficult to define and can vary from person to person. Some believe that falling in love occurs naturally, while others believe that it can be developed through respect and commitment. Regardless of how it happens, love is a fragile emotion that can fluctuate over time. The author believes that they have not yet experienced true love, but when they do, they hope it will be something that they can easily fall into.

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Love, like cascading water, can often bathe humans with intensely drenching contentment. And yet, if unfortunate, love may turn into furious tongues of fire that sear one’s heart, leaving them with haunting scars. Despite being such a natural phenomenon, love continues to be obscurely indefinable- there is no such thing as one specific denotation for the word. In fact, love can be defined by each individual, according to his or her personal opinions. Perhaps this is what makes love such a beautiful emotion; it takes many forms, and is never the same for anyone.

Considering that love is such a complex phenomenon, I think that it would be far too difficult to sufficiently explain as to whether or not falling in love occurs by chance or choice. Therefore, the answer depends. I believe that often times, falling in love occurs as an entirely natural and spontaneous experience. One has yet to do anything, however something subtlety comes along and unexpectedly triggers a push, causing them to fall into a deep pit of extreme passion.

This typically takes place when both partners in the relationship engage in motives beyond their awareness, and after a period of time, they soon realize that they share a special connection. Idiosyncrasies of your significant other become appreciated, and every moment is merely a yearning for a touch, a call, or simply a brief instant of embrace. Nonetheless, this is not always the case. Numerous individuals go through the alternative of climbing their way into love.

Through respect and commitment, a couple may develop their feelings of love rather than just falling in love with someone for no particular reason. I wholeheartedly believe that either way, love is a faulty and fragile emotion. Affectionate feelings might often fluctuate, and this is completely normal. I personally don’t think that I’ve ever been in love with someone, yet when I am, I would prefer if it were to be something that I could effortlessly ‘fall’ into.

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