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The Relationship of Christianity to Partnership and Marriage

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Indeed, 2 Corinthians 6:14-18 applies to partnership however; the statement that “the verse most certainly applies to partnership as well as marriages” is somehow unacceptable. It is not because I do not agree that the verse really apply to marriages, on the contrary, I the personally (and I believe all Christian do) believe that the verse is certainly apply to marriages. As a matter fact, I believe that the verse mainly apply in the issue of marriage in a Christian life.

It is the very first area of a Christian life that the verse should be applied since the relationship does not only involve temporary partnership but a relationship for a lifetime.

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The Relationship of Christianity to Partnership and Marriage
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Thus, it is important that a Christian marry a Christian otherwise he or she may serve as a stumbling block in his or her (the Christian) growth in knowledge and faith in God and at worst, he or she may even lead his her or her Christian partner to turn away and be far from God.

This story is not new since the Bible tells a lot of stories about the fall of a man of God because he or she chooses to marry or be with a nonbeliever, an idolater who worships other gods or goddesses. Stories of such include even the wisest man who ever lived, King Solomon who had many foreign wives and ended up worshipping other gods and “the man after God’s own heart”, King David who had relationship with Bathsheba that even cause him to commit murder (though not personally).

I also agree that the verse should not be taken too far such as in the commentary of Matthew Henry on the verse that “we should not even have friends that are non-believers”. How can we spread the word of God to the ends of the Earth if we are not able to help those around us (help them to believe in the Gospel and thus be save). And how can we win non-believers if we treat them as outcast.

Yes, our beliefs, ideas and actions are far from the world and we should not live as many people does but we must also not forget the fact that we still live in it thus, we cannot avoid those who live in it like we do. We are not at war with the people but of their actions and ways just as Christ love the people of the world but hate their sins. On the other hand, I would have to disagree that it is alright for Wanda to take part in a business as long as she does not have to make a decision.

On the contrary, it is better if Wanda is in a position to make decisions regarding the actions of the company or anything that she involves herself in. In this way, she can take actions and change things that she sees wrong. Otherwise, since she has no power to make decisions, she cannot change wrongs deeds by the business personnel and since she is a co-owner, she is responsible for the actions of the business.

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The Relationship of Christianity to Partnership and Marriage. (2016, Sep 22). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/christian-life/

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