The Above Par Rating

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James has been given an overall rating of Above Par. Except the rating for Customer Satisfaction all other ratings for him are above Par. The sheet is attached as a supplement Answer 2 describes the substantiation of each of Individual ratings. Answer 2: Financial – Above Par. Clearly James has driven growth, as Indicated In 48% Increase In contribution margin year over year. Given the size of the branch, ensuring a growth of 48% indicates significant push on the part of James and his team. Strategy Implementation – Above Par.

James has proven his ability to sell to the variety of clientele by driving sales and showing consistent retail asset balances. Given the short time frame of data it Is not clear if there is a cause to the increase in attrition and the decrease in new accounts. However, the overall households stayed the same. It is assumed and inferred from the details in the case that the attrition numbers and non-growth is normal to running the business. Customer Satisfaction – Par: Based on the details provided in the case, James and team have shown a turnaround and hence earn a Par in this area.

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However, the case doesn’t provide enough data to obstinate if this measure has any effect on strategic or financial performance of the bank. Also, loss of employee or non-bank controlled factors such as break-down of Atoms near a busy bank could lead to sufficient discomfort for the customers. These criteria may not be under Sesame’s direct control. Another aspect may be that James Is focusing on High revenue generating Individuals Vs.. Regular customers, which may be the differentiating factor from other competing businesses. People / Standards – Above Par Clearly Sesame’s boss is impressed and this is a totally subjective area.

Given his ability o successfully manage the bank as well as perform various activities within the organization contribute to the Above Par rating. Since all ratings except one rating are Above Par -James has been rated Above Par. He deserves a 30% bonus. Answer 3: Strengths 1 . Considers various facets of an individual’s contribution to the firm 2. Helps employees consider all areas and not focus on areas they have strengths 3. Helps drive/guide adherence to firm strategy/goals 4. Reduces the overall work into tangible parameters 5. Facilitates communication and dialog thereby helps with feedback/learning 6.

Enables leadership Judgment 7. Serves as a uniform standard Weaknesses 1 . Requires considerable thought in building and training 2. Attributes may not have a causal relationship. E. G. Customer satisfaction and number of households/market share for a high volume bank 3. Qualitative measures and overall decision introduces subjectivity and may not be considered as transparent in all instances 4. The set of parameters may not relevant to this high throughput bank – The bank may need a different set of metrics 5. Quantitative measures will always have an effect of subjectivity/avoidance on qualitative measures

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