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Star Rating Systems (Classification)

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This issue found timely and it has given an opportunity to perform this study. Hence, in Malaysia there is very limited of studies have been conducted regard to hotel industry ranking classifications and practices ( Luau, Kafka, & Pie, 2005 ) On the other hand, hotels classification has been determined differently from country to county. At present there is no universal standard of categorizing the hotels (Minimize, 2010). There are Malcolm Bridge Award, TTS, and more being utilized for hotels classification around the world and the rank of tools also being named differently; star, diamond and more.

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Star Rating Systems (Classification)
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Generally, the star rating system has only one common despite it differences of classification among countries which is the number of star awarded. The number star awarded to a hotel or resort indicates the range of facilities available, and not the luxuriousness of the hotel or resort (justification). However, the guests may have different view; guests normally will assume that higher number of star awarded to a hotel shows the higher price, wide range of services, excellence services provided by the hotel or even it seriousness (Dangers et.

L. , 2006; Israeli, 2002). In common, there are only one-star to five-star. One-star normally is a small hotels run by the owner with a very basic facilities and sometimes not even a restaurant provided. While the five-star hotels would offer an elegant with wide range of facilities; which is up to personalized service shall be offered. In terms of pricing, the five-star hotels would charge upward of several thousand dollars in comparing to one-star which a guest can accommodate at even less than one hundred dollar per night.

However, since this study conducted in Malaysia, the Star Rating Systems recommended by Malaysian Ministry of Tourism and Culture 201 0 (herewith after MET) employed. Hence, MM ETC is a government body which responsible for monitoring and awarding hotel star rating in Malaysia. Moreover, the Ministry of Culture Arts and Tourism Malaysia has requested that all hotel operators registered under the Tourism Board of Malaysia should adopt a classification system to include all types of accommodation based on the WTFO specifications or a similar standard.

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