Classification Sneaker

The sneaker industry is one of the largest markets in the world today. People from all over the world have a passion for sneakers whether they are made for basketball, football, running, walking, other sports, or just casual dressing. Some people collect sneakers for many different reasons. Others take advantage of the supply and demand by reselling them for monetary profit. Some people buy them because of the quality and design to improve their athletic performance. Some collectors buy sneakers because of the limited quantity of the shoes that are released.

The limited number of certain sneakers that are released can make them a hot commodity and extremely difficult to get. Usually during a limited edition or exclusive shoe release, sneaker collectors line up in front of stores to make sure that they can get at least one pair. People line up even up to a week in advance for the limited edition releases. There are some collectors that buy sneakers because the sneakers are not “retros,” which is a design or style of shoe that was originally released at an earlier time. Some collectors wear their sneakers, while others refuse to wear them.

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The extreme sneaker collector may even keep them stored away in airtight containers; they are considered “sneakerheads. ” Collecting rare sneakers is a vice that many people have in the urban culture. People that buy sneakers with the intentions of reselling them for more than their original retail value are considered “resellers” or “hype beast. ” Many resellers purchase sneakers for the value, or the potential value in the future. They often buy a large quantity and sell them for a small profit to get clientele. Resellers buy certain shoes, depending on the hype and demand.

When there is a demand for a certain shoe, some resellers are known for paying people to stand in line and buy a pair or more of shoes. This way, they are guaranteed more pairs of sneakers to resell. Most resellers are also known for taking advantage of a sold out sneaker by selling it for up to three or four times the original cost. Many people that could not get a pair will pay the extra price for limited edition sneakers. Another reason that people buy expensive sneakers is to improve their athletic performance on the court or field. The amount of traction that a basketball shoe has on the court plays a big role.

Sneakers like the Lebron 9’s help you hold your ground when running up and down the court. When it comes to stop-and-start moves and moving laterally on defense, quality shoes are a must for performing adequately in a game or practice. The weight of the shoe also determines the responsiveness of the athlete. The technology and material that is going into the making of these shoes is exceptional. Materials like carbon fiber, strong as steel and as light as paper, help in the responsiveness that the shoe provides. The lighter the shoe, the less effort it takes to perform in them.

The Lebron 9’s are basketball shoes that provide a great amount of ankle support. When looking at the impact that sneakers have made on people today, it is obvious that consumers enjoy them for one or more reasons. Collectors love the feeling of getting their hands on an exclusive pair of shoes. Resellers invest their time to buying sneakers and selling it to the highest paying buyer. Athletes see the importance in having quality sneakers that can help them perform better in their sport. The sneaker collecting sub-culture is continuing to grow and expand with each generation.

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