Cognitive Psychology Subfields

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Write about an idea that is common to 4 subfields of cognitive psychology

Cognition function of brain involves processing information and deep thinking. There are many subfields that engage complex brain processes like reasoning (deductive & inductive), intelligence, language use, decision making, creativity and problem solving. In day-to-day life we’ve several tasks to perform that includes more than one subfields of cognitive psychology.

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For example for subfields creativity, decision making, intelligence and problem solving, we have various complex tasks to perform in daily life.

Idea: cognitive psychology is affected by social context.` that means that thinking, reasoning, ans remembering are processes that are effected by social situation or environment.

Brain development is very critical in infancy and childhood. Neurons are the building blocks of the brain, and form several synaptic connections with the other neurons. The chapter details their structure and function. In addition, Central Nervous System (CNS), Peripheral Nervous System (PNS) and Endocrine system are also elaborated. It also discusses some diseased conditions of the brain like stroke and its association with the memory loss and other cognitive functions. It also discusses about the latest techniques used to unravel true and false memories and what neuroscience has yet contributed to this field.

The study of the development of brain is very crucial because early childhood development has deeper influences on person’s intelligence, social behavior and personal attitudes. Several studies have investigated the relationship of cognitive functions with the development of brain in infancy. By thoroughly studying human brain and its development process, we can explore the problems associated with the brain damage as in stroke and peripheral paralysis.

One of my nephews is a great fan of watching movies on DVD. He’s so addict to it that his performance in the class has dropped. I tried to craft some lessons for him on the computer, CDs and in games he likes to play. So that he can learn while enjoying his studies. Hence, he improved his learning capability and gained knowledge without any hectic. Instead of telling him to go to his study room and read boring lectures and courses, I had to work with him and involve his attention in his studies with things he enjoyed. This is how cognitive and educational psychology overall worked.

The study of human behavior and its relation to the brain functions in solving social and personal problems is very fundamental in the societal welfare. As more and more studies are conducted, new and important discoveries are made that have significant implications on every important aspect of life and social relations. Hence proper research methods and ethical code of conduct is applied to obtain validated results. Research studies and its application have profound effects on human, social and environmental attitudes.

According to Benelli (1995) child’s physical and motor development is influenced by other areas of development. Like his social surroundings, his emotional, cognitive and language development influences his motor development. The assumption that motor development occurs on its own is not true. Hence, special motor skills development programs are needed for kids to enhance their motor skills. Benelli (1995) stresses in her article the importance of motor skills development and draws specific guidelines for educators and teachers to help kids improve their motor skill development.

As brain develops from infancy to adolesence there is marked increase in cognitive, motor and perceptual abilites (Johnson, 2001).  Johnson (2001) specifically focuses on inanimate (non-social) objects and animate (social) objects of developing infants.

Myers (1991) suggested ways to invest and forster child development and its importance. He stresses that neglect to child care and development in the early years may distort his mental developmen along with other areas of development. If their motor skill development is neglected at this age it may have bad consequences in future.

In addition, teacher’s presence and constant guidance to students is very important. A teacher supervises all the kids during motor training program. “The children gain additional practice time and the teacher has many opportunities to observe and give feedback or further instruction. Verbal feedback allows children to know if they are performing the skill correctly. Such teacher attention can be invaluable encouragement for children having difficulty.” (Benelli, 1995)


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