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Nowadays It’s highly encouraged. And even expected In some cases. For all high school student to go to college and be “productive citizens” in today’s bustling society. Some ideas that are lost on all but a few people are that not all people are cut out for college, and my peers and I need blue collar workers to survive. If everybody goes to college and gets all these fancy degrees such as a doctorate In Psychology or a masters in Pediatrics, then who is left to be the plumber that you call when anything In the bathroom goes wrong?

If everyone is expected to go to college and everyone goes, then where will we get our factory workers, our fast food restaurant workers, and our everyday grocers? I don’t see how It could be practical for everyone to go to college. Up until about fifteen years ago if you had a college degree you were set for life. If you had a college degree it meant that you were extraordinary and that you pushed yourself harder to succeed in life. If you had a college degree you were guaranteed a lob in the real world when you stepped out after graduation.

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A college diploma meant something more than it does now. Now, having a diploma in your hand when o walk to that first interview after you graduate means close to nothing. Because right behind you there are twenty five other people that have the same diploma and the same credentials. Having a diploma doesn’t command the respect It used to command but now it’s looked at in the same way as someone does when they look at your high school diploma, as if it isn’t a big deal.

I’ll be the first one to tell you that going to college Is a great thing. I’m In college right now and even though it’s hard. I don’t regret my decision one bit. From an unbiased stand point looking in on the situation; our country can’t survive without lee collar workers. I have told this to some people and one of the responses that I’ve received was that “people with college degrees can still take blue collar jobs” and that’s Just not a realistic thought.

It makes no sense for someone who went to college for their four years or more and graduated with a bachelor’s degree or higher to go to a plumber to get a Job when that isn’t their trade. They wont want to be paid as a plumber when they went to school to be a psychiatrist. For those who desire to be a plumber or a diesel mechanic, they typically attend a trade school or a technical allege for two or four years to hone that skill so that they can get a good paying Job in the field that most suits them and that they are interested in.

Trade school is a great alternative to a traditional college if someone is looking to get a degree in something other than what Is offered at a traditional college or someone who doesn’t already have the skills they need to plunge Into the workforce straight out of high school. Plumbing was Just one Job out of the mix that I chose to make my point. There are dozens of deferent kinds of Jobs out there that need people to work them, and no, hey don’t pay much compared to a lawyer or a doctor, but we need those Jobs to be worked or we will crash as a country and as a society.

For quite a few people in my generation, college is the practical next step to take enjoy that will support them and their families for the rest of their lives. Whether it be a traditional college, technical college or trade school, an associates, bachelors, masters, or doctorate degree, there is something for Just about everyone at colleges around the country. If you don’t have a trade or skill straight out of high school, you can go to college and develop one. On the other hand, some people aren’t cut out for college. Some don’t want to do the work and put in the effort, and some already have a trade or skill.

The people who have already acquired a skill during high school may want to go straight into the workforce and can get a decent Job that way. Even then, some still want to attend a college to further develop and refine the skill. Some people unlike those who have the drive to go to a college or go straight into the workforce simply lack the ambition and the drive to do something with their lives. I have met a couple people during high school that had no ambitions or life goals of any kind. I have talked to people who told me that they want to be a manager at a liquor store or a Wendy.

Although that path is one that I would never choose for myself, our society and country needs those people who don’t want to go to college to work the minimum wage Jobs. What would Americans do without managers at McDonald’s or waitresses or bartenders? Although most people desire to go to college to get a degree to work for a paycheck above minimum wage, we still need the people who go to trade school to be mechanics and professions like that, and we still need the people who don’t go to allege at all to work in fast food and retail.

Our society needs these three types of people to survive and to grow. We need all of these people for our economy to continue to grow and for everything to be strong. These people create the classes that make our country work the way it does. This is why college isn’t for everyone and why not everyone should go to college. Some people need to pursue a different career path for their own personal interests and for our country to continue to roll the way it does. I am going to a traditional college because of the career I want to have for the rest f my life.

I have never had any desire to have a blue collar Job, Just because I am not interested in that line of work. I want to get a bachelor’s degree and have a good paying Job so that I can support my wife and kids down the road. Although those who go to trade school can do the same thing on their salaries, I want to live with a little bit of fluff, so I am taking the path that will allow me to live that way. I realize that not all people want the same life that I do, and therefore it isn’t practical for all people to attend a traditional college to get a degree like I am.

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