College Life Stress Inventory Essay

            It is considered that college life is one of the significant stages in the life of an individual. Likewise, it is believed that college life incorporates diverse types of stressors that students deal within their daily lives in campus. Hence, it can be argued that apart from the academic difficulties of the students, these young adults also tend to suffer various hardships from stress. Moreover, stress in college life may come from different aspects and could be generated from different stimulus.

With regards to this, the composition of this paper would focus in the determination of the inventory of stress in college life.

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College Life Stress Inventory
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            It is perceived that the students experiences stress due to peer pressure (“The Causes of Stress for College Students,” n.

d.). Most of the students in college are inclined to be disturbed of making decisions whether they should attend their classes or join their peers and have a good time (“The Causes of Stress for College Students,” n.d.). In addition to this, such pressure would also force the students to become involved out of their own free will (“The Causes of Stress for College Students,” n.d.). Hence, such unfavorable pressure tends to cause difficulties for students that are likely to experience stress (“The Causes of Stress for College Students,” n.d.).

            School related issues, on the other hand, are also referred to as stressors for college students (Dornier, n.d.). Given the fact that college life requires ample time to study, most of the college students are more likely to experience sleep deprivation where their hours of sleep are jeopardized in exchange of staying up late to study (Dornier, n.d.). Thus, such consequences are included to the inventory of stress in college life (Dornier, n.d.).

            Lastly, other stress indicators such as complexities of relationship between opposite sexes and unwanted pregnancies is mentioned as included in the list that causes stress among college students (“Stress Management College Students Guide,” n.d.).

            In the end, it is recommended that college students must know how to accordingly handle prevalent causes of stress incorporated in college life. Hence, efficient time management and clever decision making could help college students to accordingly handle stress in school.


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