Communication Strategies Essay

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Communication Strategies

Use the table below to compare and contrast strategies you might use to communicate with the audiences in Scenario 1 and Scenario 2.

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Communication Strategies
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Enter your answers in the table below - Communication Strategies Essay introduction. The cells will expand to accommodate your content. Use the Tab key to move from one cell to the next.

Communication Strategies
Readability Formulas
Good Style
Building Goodwill
Scenario 1: In this scenario, I would certainly try to convey the message about the bus simply. By studying the Flesch-Kincaid and Flesch Reading Ease formulas, I believe it would be best to explain it at a level appropriate for college students, but also not sound too haughty considering I am a classmate. I would simply convey the message of the bus bankruptcy and the consequences to us, and then try to focus on any positives that might come out of it, including alternatives and options. Considering the reader’s knowledge (a college student) I would try for a Flesch Reading Ease of 85 or above because it is considerable news.

Scenario 1: This scenario deals with a significantly negative message; therefore, the best strategy possible would be to use the first paragraph to inform my classmates of the issue (the bus company going bankrupt, and a loss of our deposits) and to move on to a paragraph explaining all that I have done to try and recover our money. After relaying this information, I would end it with a paragraph that looks at the bright side of the situation and discusses options.

Scenario 1: While this will be a shock to the students and they will immediately be furious, I would suggest that we all get together and discuss our options. What can we do for spring break now? What are our options or alternatives? Perhaps we can volunteer somewhere to help within our own country (Katrina victims perhaps, or an Indian reservation), so that even though we have lost something we can make the best out of a very bad situation and turn this bad run of luck into a positive instead of a negative.

Scenario 2: The readability formula I would use for this is the Flesch Reading Ease formula. I would want to simplify my ideas by making sure that the letter scores at a 90 or above because it is extremely important that the bank understand what the issue is, what my own beliefs and assumptions were, based upon the information that they gave me, and organize it in such a way that it is apparent that I want some action taken to clarify and/or resolve the issue at hand.

Scenario 2: I would make sure that make my letter as polite as possible. After all, whoever is reading it is most likely not the person responsible for the mix up. I would put, in very clear terms, what I was told when I opened an account, why I believe I should not be charged for the checks, and explain the mistake that is found on the checks. I would also send a voided check with the letter as proof of my complaint. I would then explain a suitable resolution, in my opinion, which is a complete refund of the checks and new ones printed for me at no charge. I would point out that I am a good customer that wishes to make a long term relationship with this financial institution.

Scenario 2: I would open the letter with the problem, addressing the bank manager. I would explain that I am sure that this was just a mistake and not intentional on the part of that person, but explain that I am disappointed in the misprinted checks and, most of all, in the fact that the bank charged me when they told me that checks were complimentary on opening a new account. I would then explain a suitable resolution, as stated previously, and continue on to a closing paragraph that states my high regard for the bank and its reputation, and my desire to build a relationship with this institution for a long time. I would then reiterate my concerns and conclude by expressing my desire for the bank to inform me of the resolution as soon as possible.


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