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Monica Fingers Chamberlain College of Nursing Community Health Nursing INNER Hyacinth Carrion April 28, 2013 The community I have chosen for this paper is The South ward of Newark, New Jersey where the hospital which I work is located. Newark is an urban community consists of primarily of African American and Hispanic population. The South Ward of Newark and contains 17 public schools, five daycare centers, three branch libraries, one police precinct, and three fire houses.

The city’s repertory and violet crime levels tend to be higher than New Jerseys average level. Observation of this community through a window shield survey gave me the impression there were several social and health concerns. The Community vitality of Newark is evident by the fact that there are many people out on sidewalks, outside stores and in the park and were predominately African American men in groups. In contrast, I did not see many women or children and the community did not seem to be family oriented. The people, in general, were unkempt and looked hint and undernourished.

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During my surveys, I witnessed several groups drinking outside a bar on the sidewalk. A high amount of police presence the area during my surveys may indicate potential criminal activity. Indicators of social, economic, and cultural conditions include many churches in this area where many residents participate on a weekly basis. A basketball court was seen on during my survey in which young male adults were engaging in a game and other young men watching. The homes are built close together and they were not maintained well and were in deed of repair.

In addition, there were two schools in the area without playgrounds and the children were not visible during the daytime. I also noticed numerous bus stops that were covered with benches provided which seem to be the main meaner of transportation aside from walking. Health resources in the area of my survey include a 674 bed major teaching hospital that provides quaternary care including many outpatient clinics. I did not see a nursing home, drug treatment centers or homeless shelters during my survey. There were two pharmacies within two blocks of each other.

Environmental conditions related to health include the close proximity of the hospital to neighboring homes. I noticed a significant amount of trash along the sidewalks and streets. The roads and sidewalks were in need of repair in some areas which was evident by potholes and cracks. I also noticed a food vender cart serving unhealthy food to a large group of people who seemed to be attracted toward this type of food. Other food venues in the area, mainly take out restaurants, were also unhealthy food in nature such as fried chicken.

Social observations include large apartment homes, churches, and convenient stores. Drug abuse is known to be high in this community and I would be suspicious of drug activity, particularly during the nighttime hours. On several occasions, residents would cross the street without the regard for oncoming traffic. With regard for the attitude for healthcare, I noticed on two occasions, large groups of people outside a bar drinking and possibly taking part in drug use and some residents were seen smoking cigarettes.

There were a significant amount of ambulances parked outside the Emergency Department is evident of the extensive use of healthcare. The hospital provides community outreach health fairs which was evident by flyers posted near the hospital. In conclusion, the city of Newark, New Jersey offers healthcare by way of a major teaching quaternary hospital with multidisciplinary clinics which shows a commitment to toward health and treatment. The large presence of churches shows commitment to faith and social interaction among the residents.

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