Company Analysis of Ioi Properties Group Berhad

IOI Properties Group Berhad ( “IOIPG” ) is one of top public-listed belongings developers in Malaysia. IOIPG besides is the belongings arm of IOIC, one of the largest plantation and resource-based fabrication companies listed on the Bursa Malaysia’s Main Market. IOIPG was incorporated in Malaysia under Act on 25 February 2013 as private limited company under the name of IOI Properties Group Sdn Bhd for the intent of easing the Internal Reorganisation.

IOIPG is one of Malaysia’s largest belongings companies with a record crossing more than thirty old ages in the belongings development industry. Its chief activities include belongings investing, belongings development, cordial reception and leisure.IOIPG’s commercial edifices are designed to run into the Green Building Index ( “GBI” ) to move as a socially-responsible belongings developer. IOIPG is bestowed several awards by taking publications and administrations and ranked among the top developers in Asia such as BCI Asia, FIABCI, Asia Pacific Property Awards, The Edge Malaysia, and the Building and Construction Authority ( “BCA” ) in Singapore.

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The IOIPG’s Organisation ChartPhosphorusursuing nucleus expertness which is the design and development of townshipsThe Malayan belongings market mentality is envisaged to stay positive and favourable in the close term as minutess in the residential and commercial sectors are estimated to make between about RM127.2 billion to RM165.1 billion by 2015.Prosecuting niche development in full-blown countriesLeveraging on IOIPG’s extended experience as a belongings developer, we have successfully farther enhanced merchandise portfolio by set abouting the development of standalone mid to high-end commercial or residential belongingss located at premier locations or within matured townships.

IOIPG deem this market to be niche development. By explore niche development ; IOIPG may potentially come in joint development with reputable developers and suited concern spouses to develop these undertakings.Turning belongings investing portfolioIOIPG’s investing belongingss provide company with a steady watercourse of repeating income. Therefore, the company aims to turn the gross part of belongings investing portfolio.

In add-on, IOIPG will place new developments and bing belongingss depending on the location, chances, tenancy rate and the rental income or outputs.Increasing presence in Singapore and ChinaDespite authorities steps to chill down the belongings market in PRC, IOIPG believe that the increasing urbanisation rate, population growing, and increasing household income peculiarly in the 2nd tier-developed metropoliss such as Xiamen, will supply sustained demand for company’s belongingss. Similarly in Singapore, despite the addition in Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty and other chilling steps implemented by the Singapore authorities, the demand for belongingss in the belongings market remains on upward tendency, spurred largely by population growing rate and turning demand for belongingss from the middle-income families. From the statement above, IOIPG addition ventures and undertakings in Singapore and China.

Type Of Products Or Services SoldProperty DevelopmentIOIPG are an constituted township developer with a path record crossing more than two decennaries in the belongings development industry. Over the old ages, the company has successfully developed comprehensive self-contained townships, consisting amongst other. The company purpose to emulate this successful development expression of edifice and turning a self-contained township for all township developments. IOIPG has besides farther enhanced merchandise portfolio by take parting in the development of standalone mid to high-end commercial or residential belongingss located at premier locations or within matured townships by leveraging on company’s extended experience as a belongings developer.

The company deems this market to be niche development.Property InvestingIOIPG besides lease out the belongingss, which comprise chiefly of retail infinite and office edifice. These belongingss were largely developed by IOIPG to complement bing township developments and addendum company’s gross with stable and repeating rental income.

PlantationIOIPG’s plantation lands are largely located in the periphery of turning and established township every bit good as growing corridors, mensurating about 6,916 estates. These plantation lands are intended for company’s future belongings development activities. As most of development programs are still in the initial phases, the Board may from clip to clip, reappraisal and revise the layout planning and development programs subject to market conditions and depending on the growing and adulthood of the environing country.Major clients and rule marketsIOIPG rule markets are Malaysia, Singapore and Xiamen, PRC. For the past 3 old ages, the company does non hold any clients lending 10 % or more of Group’s gross.

Major providers or contractorsIOIPG engage the services of advisers and chief contractors to help in development operations. The company does non typically purchase building stuffs from providers or prosecute the services of sub-contractors straight.

The company by and large does non entirely depend on any one adviser or chief contractor. The company selects the advisers and chief contractors based on assorted factors such as pricing, path record, fiscal strength, craft, quality, efficiency, dependability and staff capacity.Manners of marketing / distribution / gross revenuesIOIPG being an established township developer, company has built corporate image through timely bringing of belongingss with proved quality. As the company has a diversified merchandise portfolio, selling schemes tend to change harmonizing to the types of merchandises offered. In Malaysia, the company has an internal selling squad that focuses on strategic stria activities every bit good as supplying input during the design development procedure to guarantee the design of belongingss meets rigorous design standards.

As for gross revenues activities, company has dedicated gross revenues squad located at caput office and salesroom at major undertaking sites to advance new launches. Furthermore, company deploy printed media, private prevues, electronic mail and short messaging service blasts, electronic straight get offing every bit good as societal media sites to market position launches.In Singapore, company purchase on joint venture partners’ experiences, contracts and repute in Singapore to successfully market undertakings. Discussions on pricing scheme are besides carried out with joint venture spouses prior to merchandise launch. In order to stay competitory, company strives to continuously better merchandise design, quality of belongingss and services in leisure and cordial reception concern by invariably maintaining abreast with the market tendencies and conditions.

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