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Genting Malaysia Berhad was one time known as Resort World Sdn Bhd, which was a portion limited private company, incorporated under the Companies Act 1980, on 7 May 1980. The name was changed into Resort World Bhd from 1989 – 2009, being a public company and in conclusion known as Genting Malaysia Berhad. In 1989, Genting Malaysia had become an full gambling, hotel and resort-related operations company. Shares of Genting Malaysia have been listed on Bursa Malaysia since 22 December 1989. Genting Malaysia has involved in leisure services and cordial reception concern field for over 45 old ages, such as subject Parkss, bet oning, hotels, seaboard resorts and amusement. It has a trueness card programmed named “ Genting World Card ” which contains over 3.3 million members entirely in its Malaysia ‘s operations.

The top concern in the company is Resorts World Genting. It is a great topographic point for household leisure and amusement resort. It was situated at the top of Genting Highland and holding about 19 1000000s of visitants yearly for the past five old ages. The resort at that place has six hotels which are Highlands Hotel, Resort Hotel, Theme Park Hotel, Maxims Genting, Genting Hotel and First World Hotel. There 10,000 over suites prepared for the visitants clip by clip. Subject Parkss ( including out-of-doorss and indoors ) , dining eating house, mega shows and many more amusement are all ready at one location.

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Genting Highlands Resort was voted the World ‘s Leading Casino Resort at the twelvemonth 2005, 2007 and 2008 and Asia ‘s Leading Casino Resort from 2005 to 2008 by World Travel Awards. Located near to Resorts World Genting, the operating concern of Awana Genting Highlands Golf & A ; Country Resort excessively owned by Genting Malaysia. It has two ironss named Awana Kijal Golf, Beach & A ; Spa Resort and Awana Porto Malai located at Terengganu and Langkawi later, which are both two beautiful seaboard. First World Hotel has won the universe ‘s largest hotel with 6,118 suites as recorded in the Guinness World Records and Ripley ‘s Believe It or Not. Genting Malaysia did an equity investing on the Star Cruises Limited ( the taking sail operator of Asia Pacific ) by 19.3 % .

Organizational Chart

Genting Malaysia Berhad is a profitable organisation. It ‘s common purpose as others companies is to uniting its people and forces. It coordinated their workers to work together for a common intent – to give the best services and amusement to client as possible. With the organisation division of labour map, it leads to greater efficiency in their workers public presentation in different classs and Fieldss. Furthermore, an organisation chart shows the hierarchy of authorization through the concatenation of bid ( from the bid from the board of governments to the presidents and in conclusion to the workers ) . Genting Malaysia Berhad is accessing the broad span of control as shown on the chart above ; every section was under the control of a chairman/chief executive- Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay. Next, this company has fallen on the functional construction. The workers are all grouped under the classs of similar work fortes to ease the direction of the whole organisation ‘s operation. Every section has their ain specialized professionals in order to transport out the undertaking given. On the same clip, Genting Malaysia Berhad is a mechanistic organisation. Its authorization is centralized and employees are closely supervised in transporting out every specific occupation. For illustrations, studies are needed for any operations carried out. With the centralised hierarchy of authorization, any direction given by the president needed to be followed. True excessively that there ‘s a batch of regulations and processs set by the company to obtained disciplined workers. For case, missive must be written for bespeaking a lift and workers are needed to give grounds for why are they late and manus in a formal missive after that. Specialized undertaking is a must for every section in order to run the organisation swimmingly. In the other side, it would be something particular that in a mechanistic company, it has a broad span of control and flatter constructions. Genting Malaysia Berhad undergoes distinction as the organisation are someway runing under their ain maps and do non necessitate to work together to accomplish the same intent. It has a big organisational size as there are about 19,000 of full-time employees working under their organisation.

Chairman & A ; Chief Executive

Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay

Deputy Chairman of the Board

Tun Mohammad Hanif bin Omar


Tan Sri Alwi Jantan


Mr. Quah Chek Tin


Teo Eng Siong


Tan Sri mohd Zahidi bin Hj Zainuddin


Tan Sri Clifford Francis Herbert

Senior Vice President- eService & A ; Rick Management

Mr. Thomas Ng Seng Siew

Senior Vice President- Human Resources

Mr Eddie Teh Yong Teng

Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Koh Poh Yong

Executive Vice President – Resorts Operationss

Dato ‘ Kevin Sim Kia Ju

President & A ; Chief Operating Officer

Dato ‘ Lee Choong Yan

Senior Vice President – Finance & A ; Corporate Affairs

Mr. James Koh Chuan Seng

Senior frailty President – Hotel Operationss

Mr. Edward Arthur Holloway

Senior Vice President- Casino & A ; Security Operations

Mr. Lim Eng Ming

Senior Vice President- Public Relationship & A ; Communicationss

Dato ‘ Anthony Yeo Keat Seong

Senior Vice President- Casino Operations-

Mr. Aaron Chia Khong Chid

Senior Vice President- Casino Marketing

Mr Leow Beng Hooi

Planing and Strategic Management

Basic Schemes used to react to uncertainness

The Genting Group was found in 1965 by Malayan enterpriser the late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong. The group has over 26 old ages of experience in developing, operating and selling casinos and incorporate resorts in different parts of the universe. This company is utilizing prospector schemes to make their concern.

Genting group has more than 26 old ages of experience in developing, operating and selling casinos and incorporate resorts in different parts of the universe, It besides includes the Americas, Australia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and United Kingdom. Genting Highland is the lone one legal casino in Malaysia. It has been voted Malaysia ‘s prima corporation and one of Asia ‘s best managed multinationals. The group ‘s integrated resort is Resorts World Genting, once known as Genting Highlands Resort.

Genting Group is respond in prospectors. Although their chief activities are casino and subject park but this company seek to develop in others portion. Genting Group starts to open concert shows, Strawberry Farm, nutrient & A ; drink and retail shopping in Genting Highlandss Resort. It is one of the most popular tourer finishs in Malaysia. The Genting Group has since expanded and diversified into other activities including plantations, belongingss, power coevals, oil and gas, e-commerce, information engineering and biotechnology. This company weather in seeking new things and will non allow its merchandise halt on a point.

Genting Highland Resort is under Genting Group, it ever show the prosperity of Malaysia during public vacations. To be a successful company, Genting Group must happen an efficient and effectual schemes to run a its ain company.The Genting Group are reacting in prospectors as their company basic schemes. It means that Genting Group will convey more services to clients and do the best in hereafter.

Establish Vision and Mission


The intent of Genting Group are:

1. Always care in altering demands of their clients and excel in supplying quality merchandises and services to fulfill clients wants.

2. Promise to invention and the use of new engineering to accomplish competitory advantage.

3. Be responsible in generate a rational return to their stockholders.

4. Stress in forces policies which recognize and reward public presentation to do them better. Promote parts of employees and supply proper preparation, development and chances for calling promotion.

5. Be a responsible corporate citizen, ever increasing corporate administration and transparence.


The Genting Group wish to be the prima transnational corporation committed to increase value of stockholders and maintain keeping long-run sustainable growing in their nucleus concerns.



In 1997, Genting Highlands resort has launched a Skyway overseas telegram auto which was further boosted its installation attractive force. The Genting Skyway acquired the “ World ‘s Fastest Mono Cable Car System ” with a velocity at most 21.6km per hr and the “ Longest Cable Car in Malaysia and Southeast Asia ” . In fact, a batch of transit is available, such as rental auto, taxis, express coach, limousine managers, bird services, or charter chopper.

Genting Highlands Resort possesses five hotels, viz. Genting Hotel, Highlands Hotel, Resort Hotel, Theme Park Hotel and First World Hotel and two flat blocks, Ria and Kayangan Apartment at the brow and Awana Genting Highlands Golf and Country Resort. All these hotels are offer comfy lodging and delightful cookery. Besides, big shopping promenades are at that place for the visitants to catch anything that they wish for.

Today, Genting Berhad is a transnational corporation in Malaya that has been recognized by assorted organisations for its typical leading and direction. Besides, Genting Berhad was acknowledged as the No.1 Leading Company Street Journal 200 ( once Far Eastern Economic Review 200 ) . Genting Berhad was besides rated No.1 in Malaysia and No.2 in Asia for Overall Best Managed Company for the Decade by Asia money and No.5 in Best Corporate Social Responsibility.

Furthermore, Genting is a good pick for a saunterer household and kids because of the nowadays of out-of-door subject park and indoor. The subject Parks offer alone experience of snow small towns and haunted escapades that can fulfill every pleasance searcher. Foe the cyber nut, Genting provides the most latest cyber games in the cyber. In add-on, the casino in Genting which is the lone legal casino in Malaysia is the most attractive force to the grownups because all the popular gaming games are provided included Chinese games.


Next, one of the concerns running in Genting such as casinos can merely participated by non-Muslim because it locates in an Muslim state. Therefore they lose a big sum of client.

Last, in order to supply the best goods and services, the equipment of the hotels, and the safety program to do client feel convenience, their cost to run out these services is big.


Geographically, Genting Berhad located in a extremum of Titiwangsa Mountain, with an height of 2000 metres above sea degree. Genting is surrounded by a booming green forest in its vale, the characteristic characteristic of equatorial part. The distinguishing characteristic of Genting is the soothing temperature which in between 16 to 23 grade. The clime is normally bracing and cold, habitually cloudy and misty ; therefore it provides a natural feel of air conditioning. In add-on, the scenery from the extremum offers an unforgettable experience of captivation. These virtuousnesss attract the indigen crowd which offer them peaceableness that deficiency in the dust-covered metropolis. These benefits will pull the tourer and aliens come over and increase their gross.

Besides, Genting locates within Titiwangsa Mountains and between provinces of Selangor and Pahang of Malaysia that is accessible by auto. For illustration, we have to pass an hr to make at that place from Kuala Lumpur. Alternatively, we can take the overseas telegram auto called Genting Skyway ( 3.38 kilometer ) which is used to be the fastest in the universe and South East Asia ‘s longest gondola lift. It is leads to the population growing in Pahang increased from 1288376 to 1534800 since twelvemonth 2000.


First, Genting have to confront the hazard of landslide because its company located at the brow. For illustration, subject park and casino are running at the hill. Due to the Genting ‘s location, authorities has no budget to construct them an electrical beginning and H2O. So, the company has to do it by themselves.

Besides, chancing is a high net income concern. So, a batch of rivals of Genting Company, for illustration China and Singapore want to open a legal gaming every bit good as the hotel for the gamblers to pull them. If the scenario is every bit mentioned, the net income which is originally can gain by Genting Berhad around the South Asia, now has to split into several parts.

The Casino de Genting is a support for the Malaysia authorities and it is besides a menace. Genting supported authorities partaking in the casino industry is restricted, it will be a opportunity for them to deviate investings in other Asiatic state with more unfastened chancing Torahs such as the Philippines is a good location to take. So, Genting Berhad will lose the chances from authorities. Hence, the gross of Genting might be diminution.

Besides, the monetary value and services that charge to the clients is higher than normal company because of the company located at the hill. The cost to run out the goods and services at the hill is besides high.

Grand scheme

The expansive scheme used by Genting Berhad is growing scheme. It helps them to go one of the largest pudding stone companies in Malaysia. It provides elaborate information about Genting ‘s first few old ages, and the effects of the company ‘s laminitis Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong entrepreneurship and leading. Since so research how Genting extended to a assortment of related and non-related concern, as a scheme to spread out its concern operations in the domestic and international markets. It besides inside informations the growing scheme by the industry in each entry.

Furthermore, The Genting Berhad is a major participant in Asia, but the proprietor of the $ 5.5 billion Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore is seeking planetary growing with cardinal investings in the U.S. Genting late paid $ 236 million for about 14 estates on the Miami waterfront. There are about 30 old ages of casino experience in hotel direction, industry veteran, has joined Genting Singapore in 2010 to put up the casino ‘s selling squad, in its flagship belongings, Resorts World Sentosa – the city state licensed casinos.

On the other manus, Genting Berhad is eyeing casino chances in the extremely regulated Japan or South Korea after constructing up a war thorax of more than RM13bil to fund its enlargement programme. RM13.2bil of Genting Bhd ‘s hard currency and hard currency equivalents on December 31, 2011 ( financial 2011 ) RM11.9bil bank balances and sedimentations, money market instruments, while the staying RM1.3bil. It can besides bring forth more hard currency flow each twelvemonth more than RM500mil. The Group has considerable stash financess to finance its enlargement programs, but evidently, this is non self-satisfied to rest on their awards, it has merely announced programs 2nd job in Singapore lasting securities, in order to raise more financess.

In decision, by utilizing the growing scheme, Genting Berhad able to bring forth high quality merchandises, good public presentation and supply the best service to clients.

Competitive schemes

The competitory scheme used by Genting Berhad is differentiation scheme. This competitory scheme is to offer merchandises or services that are alone and directed to clients who are monetary value insensitive.Genting Berhad is well-known and has broad market.Genting Behad has a big mark.

Five Peak Resort – Hotel, Genting Hotel, Highlands Hotel, Resort Hotel, Theme Park Hotel, First World Hotel in 2004, compared to the overall norm of 84 % tenancy rate and mean room rate of RM89, 77 % and RM78 severally 2003years. During the twelvemonth, the Group continues to heighten its merchandises and installations, in order to pull new and repeat resort visitants. Genting Hotel, two floors were converted to the slogan of the nine was originally called the elite nine. This “ hotel within a hotel ” construct features two Villa suites, 50 suites, 11 executive suites and 39 executive suites, concern centre ascents, private VIP cheque sofa and a alone dining and amusement installations. These modern-day designed private suites offer epicurean comfortss and state-of-the-art in-room installations every bit good as personalized pantryman service, designed to premium invitees and concern travellers.

The geographical range of the Internet enables distant rivals such as what Singapore and China want to make, where they want to open a gambling country for gamblers every bit good as the hotel to convey competition into the local market, or even an indirect rival to vie more straight with Genting Company. However, Genting Highland is under single land, so it does n’t hold any jobs since it is a monopoly type of company.

There have ain web sites and other IT installations, such as hotels, chancing machines, Genting World Co. , Ltd. to spread out its merchandises and services, and to supply new merchandises, to supply a differentiated merchandise, depending on the mark market. For illustration, the First World Hotel is a high-end market of the mid-market clients, Genting Highlands Resort. Through its Web site, clients can take what is the best merchandise to accommodate their gustatory sensation and budget.

Genting World Card members can acquire more loyal members and honor them with valuable advice and privileges every bit long as the usage of the card any the Genting merchandises and services.

In decision, Genting is utilizing distinction competitory scheme in their concern. By utilizing this scheme, they can maintain bettering their service and acquire the competitory advantage in future.


Recommendations on using the strengths of Genting Malaysia Berhad

For strength, Genting Company should heighten the security steps in their transit installations. As people know, Genting is really well-known with Skyway overseas telegram auto which is known as the “ Longest Cable Car in Malaysia and Southeast Asia ” .But nevertheless, some people will take a firm stand to drive there instead than using the overseas telegram auto. This because people will presume that the Skyway overseas telegram auto is non truly safe as the security steps are non strong plenty to back up their weight.Hence, people will take non to use the installation.

For the 2nd strength, Genting Company possesses many hotels to pull clients. Besides comfy lodging and delightful nutrient, Genting Company should construct in more amusement corners for their clients. For illustration: gym room for clients to work out meanwhile to let go of emphasis, java room to give client a little corner to loosen up and interact with each other, spa that allows clients to bask and let go of themselves, swimming pool and so on. All these installations will decidedly pull more clients to come over.

In add-on, Genting should utilize their names of going the 1st Leading Company Street Journal 200 ( once Far Eastern Economic Review 200 ) to go the 1st company in the universe alternatively of Malaysia. Genting should finally better their leading and direction to accomplish the end. For illustration, Genting Company should give their workers more preparation and hence self development of every worker may happen.

The location where Genting Company has now is wholly a good strength for their company to pull clients. The booming green forest around them and the soothing temperature in Genting is one of the chief attractive forces of Genting. To pull more people for coming to Genting, Genting Company should heighten the great environment that they already had now. Genting Company should stress more on the environmental job so that the environment will ever be the one who can attracts clients to Genting.

Furthermore, Genting is the best pick where every people can travel no affair the immature or the old people. For immature people, they can bask the subject park to the utmost high degree while for the seniors ‘ one, they can pay a visit to the casino.The casino is one of the legal casino in Malaysia and therefore Genting should finally upgrade it to pull more clients to come over. As a consequence, Genting should use more workers to work in the casino and give them some intensive preparation to demo their professionalism to the clients.

Recommendations on using the chances of Genting Malaysia Berhad

The conditions in Genting is one of the best chances among all the others which finally attract people to Genting. The cold conditions in Genting is seldom found in Malaysia and even other topographic points which are non higher than 26 degree Celsius and non lower than 14 degree Celsius. This perfect conditions makes people wanted to pay a visit to Genting for amusement due to the hot conditions in Malaysia or highly cold conditions in other topographic points.

Besides that, the location of Genting besides becomes one of the chances for Genting. Genting locates within Titiwangsa Mountains and between provinces of Selangor and Pahang which is non that for from every province so that people from every province are able to come over. Furthermore, the location is accessible by auto which gives another convenience for people to come over. As a consequence, people can easy go to Genting as they want due to the convenience that Genting have.

Recommendation to get the better of failings of Genting Malaysia Berhad

As we analyzed, the first failing of this company is one of the concern running in Genting like casino is non suited for non-Muslims. There is no certain ways to bring around this failing as it is related to spiritual issue. Meanwhile, Genting can put up more concern Centre which suits everyone even every spiritual to replace the loss of clients and income.

Large costs to run out the best goods and services are besides one of the failings for Genting. Genting should seek to set their internal and external disbursals to salvage for other use. For illustration, they can happen some company to patronize their costs for certain activities such as unrecorded shows and concerts. It can cut down the load for Genting.

Recommendation to get the better of menaces of Genting Malaysia Berhad

As stated in the SWOT analysis, the first failing is the hazard of landslide because Genting is located at the brow. To get the better of this failing, a retaining wall should be built. A solid, well-designed retaining wall should made by strong and dependable stuffs. The stableness of the wall can increase by the drainage stuffs behind the wall. Besides that, a deviating debris tract can besides forestall landslide. It can make with the aid of retaining wall.

Besides, the following menaces are the new entrants from foreign states such as Singapore and China. To counter this menace, it is important to emphasize out the competitory advantage holding by Genting which is the conditions and location. For those new entrants, they may non hold the alone conditions that Genting has. So, the competitory advantage of Genting demands to be stressed that it is a best topographic point to hold the subject park exhilaration and adjustment hotel with the cold conditions as its located at the brow. Apart from this, Genting seems to hold a good and strategic location. This is because it is located about the center of Peninsular Malaysia. The of import thing is, Genting is a topographic point that would non lose out whenever tourers visit Kuala Lumpur because it is really nigh.

Last, the monetary value and services that charge to the clients is higher than normal company. This may take to diminish in ingestion by clients. In order to get the better of this job, Genting should see seting the fees and charges. They can seek to carry on some particular activities with lower charges or publicities during vacations or specific festivals to pull clients in order to increase gross. As a consumer, people will be easier attracted and tend to pass more when these activities with lower monetary values is carry oning. It besides intentionally will increase company ‘s net income. Genting should besides take note that high monetary values of goods and services will cut down the demand from clients.


In decision, the attractive force of Genting Highland is known as the ‘Fun City above the Cloud ‘ due to the reviewing conditions. Genting Group comprises four listed entities such as Genting Malaysia Berhad, Genting Plantations Berhad, Genting Singapore Plc and Genting Hong Kong Limited. Harmonizing to the latest information, in December 2006, Genting Group won the stamp in obtaining one of two Singapore casino licences to construct a resort, called Resorts World Sentosa, which is under Genting Singapore. The undertaking is to make a symbol major tourer attractive force for the flourishing Asiatic touristry market. In 2007, Genting Plantations try into biotechnology to develop complex genomic procedures and of course happening procedures for alternate energy resources through an every bit owned united venture with “ Man-made Genomics ” .

In September 2010, Genting New York won a command to construct a racino at Aqueduct Race Track in New York City, this is the first measure of a planned enlargement in the United States. In June 2011, Genting UK was awarded a casino licence for a 55,000 sq-meter mixed-use installation in Birmingham. The development is in partnership with the NEC Group. In Malaysia ‘s Leading 100 Graduate Employers Award 2011, Genting Malaysia BerhadA is one of the Top 10 Leading Employers and besides going the Winner in Leisure, Travel and Hospitality Sector which is awarded by GTI Media and trendence Institute. In the Malaysia 1000 Awards, Genting Malaysia Berhad has been awarded the Industry Excellence Award – Hotel Sector 2010/2011 by BASIS Publications House Sdn Bhd & A ; Malaysia National News Agency ( BERNAMA ) .

Genting Group is doing Malaysia major in offers a broad scope of installations, amusement, and others. Besides that, Genting Group has about US $ 46 billion at 31 May 2011 in combined market capitalisation. Genting non merely popular in Asiatic, it besides has a batch of merchandise spread all over. Without uncertainty, Genting is a good image company.

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