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Comparative : Romeo and Juliet

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    For example, the conflict of the Capsules and the Montages is stated at the very beginning of the play. These two families are of equal noble rank, “[I]n fair Verona, break to new mutiny, where civil blood makes civil hands unclean “(Shakespeare pro 1-4 ). Both families obtain similar identities and wealth. Unfortunately, they are foes and the “new mutiny” is sharper because of”civil blood”. As a result, neither side will allow their family members keep any connections with each other, this hate is the source of the tragedy in Romeo and Gullet’s love.

    Similar in To Kill Mockingbird, the divide between white and black communities is as sharp as it between the Montages and the Capsules. For instance, in the Macomb town square white and black people are waiting separately for the trail start. Scout sees Mr.. Dollops Raymond staying with black people in the corner. She is confused that a white man sitting with black people. Gem tells her he has a black wife and some mixed children, who “don’t belong anywhere. Colored Lie folks won’t haven’t because they re half white; white folks won’t have ‘me ’cause thefts colored, so they’re just in-between” (Lee 1 61 Exactly, because Mr..

    Dollops Raymond wife is colored, although he is a wealthy white man, e cannot do anything to make their mixed kids feel accept by either community. The society is divided into two sections, but these innocent kids merely are “in-between”. Why does this ridiculous and embarrassed thing happen? All Of this is caused by the prejudice and hate between white and black people. And it is much worse than Montague and Caplet’s that it is an unequal discriminated relationship. After all, these children have a rich father, do not need to worry about their life.

    And the more tragic thing will happen based on that deep and serious conflict. In addition, under the conflict twine the Montages and Capsules, Romeo and Table also have conflicts as a member of each side. When Romeo Benevolent and Mercuric leads by a servant to the house with masks, Table figures them out by voice. Under his extreme rage to Montages, he swears, “How by the stock and honor of my skin, [t]o strike him dead, hold it not a sin” ( Shakespeare I. V. 56-57). But he is unable to Sir Capsule stops him.

    Then they meet again on the street, Table killed Mercuric and Romeo is out of control, and sighs, ” This days black fate on more days doth depend: [t]his but begins the woe others must end ” Shakespeare Ill. I. 1 15-116) Then Table dies in the fight. Table’s emotion and behavior indicate that he hate Romeo and even wants “to strike him dead”. However, his hostile feelings towards Romeo does not hurt the latter any more, instead, he kills innocent Mercuric and himself. Romeo predicts that this is only the start of tragedy. Just as Table hates Romeo, Bob Lowell shows similar hatred towards Attic’s.

    One day, Scout and Gem are one the way home from school, Bob Lowell follows and then attacks them. However, he does not gain any advantages but is stabbed by Boo Raddled. And Mr.. Tate affirms that “Mr.. Lowell on his knife”(Lee 276). Apparently, the Ells are trash, and he has a strong prejudice against Attic’s. Their conflict does not disappear by the death of Tom Robinson, on the contrary, it almost hurts young children also Boo. If Boo does not come out his room, Bob will make it. And the real misfortune will happen as another tragic thing by conflicts.

    In addition, another sad conflict in the play occurs while Sir Capsule decides Gullet’s wedding with Paris is on next Thursday, but Juliet refuses. As a result, Sir Capsule gets angry and loses his senses. He swears, “Hang thee young baggage, disobedient wrench! Ell thee that – get thee to church on Thursday, [o]r never after kick me in the face. Speak not, reply not do not answer me” (Shakespeare Ill. V. 1 60-162). Juliet is the only alive child of the Capsules, it cannot be denied that Sir Capsule love this daughter, but it depends on that Juliet must obey all his orders and decisions.

    Once this rule is broken the conflict appears. And the result of Juliet will be “never after look [Capsule] in the face”. It is impossibly to reach an agreement without think about others. Later on, Juliet has no choice but “death” in order to escape this unwilling adding which becomes the most tragic thing in the whole play. By comparison, how do Macomb folks solve their disagreements? The common way is violent which is also cruel. For example, Gem and Scout follow Attic’s to the jail but do not bothers him. Then they intend to go home after assuring that Attic’s is all right.

    At the same time, several dust cars arrive in front of the jail , some men get out of the cars but it is hard to see their faces. Those men feel like taking Tom from the jail. Of course, Attic’s remains at the original place, and asks, “Do you really think so? ” (Lee 152). At that very moment, Scout jumps out and talks with Mr.. Cunningham about his boy Walter, ” ‘a real nice boy. Maybe he told you about me , I beat him up one time but he was reel nice about it. Tell him hey for me, wont you? ‘(Lee 154). Mr. Cunningham promises to pass her greeting to Walter.

    He feels shamed and then retreats. As Attic’s question, there is no necessity to kill Tom Robinson, he is harmless his life does not bother anyone else. But white people will not allow a colored guy to win a case which is attributed to communities’ conflict. As a result, those men who are friends in the daily life turn to enemies by the conflict. If Scout and Gem do not appear and Scout does not say Walter is a “real nice boy”, the bleeding-matter may happen. How unbelievable it is! Once a disagreement arises, friends change to foes, that is the tragic part of conflicts.

    In summary, conflicts fill the society with hatred, bleeding-matters and sadness. They cause a series of tragic things, such as deaths, conflicts, quarrels and so forth. So conflicts are an element of tragedy. Aside from conflicts, another common element is weakness of humanity. Typically, as Sir Capsule describes: “you are a sauce I. V. 81 Table is narrow-minded and full of hatred. When Table finds Romeo and some masked men at the party, he can not restrain his anger and swears, “What, dares the slave [close hither, covered with an antic face [t]o fleer and scorn at our solemnity.

    Now by the stock and honor of my kin, [00 strike him dead I hold it not a sin”(Shakespeare I. V. 53-57). But Sir Capsule does not think so and calms him down. Unexpectedly, Table does not accept Sir Caplet’s advice and continues, “It fits when such a villain is a guest: POI not endure l. V. 74-75). Table regards Montages as the top foe, he cannot “endure” Romeo any more, and desires to “strike him dead”. Depending on those weaknesses, fighting is the way Table chooses to deal with Romeo, and it also leads him to the death. Similarly, there is not lack of narrow-minded people in Macomb.

    When Attic’s, a white lawyer, decides to demand Tom Robinson, Macomb folks are angry about him, even including his dear relatives. In Finch’s Landing, Gem abandons Scout to schmooze with adults, leaving Scout to deal with the dreaded Fancies on Christmas. Eventually, Scout were annoyed when he repeats what Aunt Alexandra says, “[B]UT now he’s turned out a Niger-lover we’ll never be able to walk the streets of Macomb again. He’s ruining’ the family'(Lee 83). When facing Tom’s case, not only Macomb folks but Aunt Alexandra and Fancies think Attic’s is a “Niger-lover” and he disgraces the family name.

    Apparently, all of them are deeply poisoned by racism, and add to narrow-minded thought. This is a common weakness in the Macomb county. Because of it, people lose the ability to judge what is right or wrong. As a result, Attic’s upholds justice but is blamed by folks which is ridiculous and very sad. In Romeo and Juliet, the Capsule couple are responsible for the death of Julie, as they have defects in their characteristics. When Juliet disobeys Sir Caplet’s wedding plan, he are extremely angry. Unexpectedly, he shocks Juliet, ” Graze where you will, you shall not house with me.

    Look tot, think onto, I do not use to jest’ (Shakespeare Ill. V. 189-190). Juliet turns to plead her mother. But Lady Capsule says, “Talk not to me, for I’ll not speak a word. Do as thou wilt, for have done with thee. “(Shakespeare Ill. V. 203). Sir Capsule regards Juliet as private possession over his daughter. He does not think of Juliet feelings, as he says, “[y]o shall not house with me. ” He is arrogant that his decisions are Ruth and cannot be objected. By comparison, Lady Capsule is weak and timid. She does not dare to disobey her husband and she finches away when Juliet asks for help.

    Because of these drawback’s of the Capsule couple, Juliet loses her last hope and chooses “death”. As for To Kill A Mockingbird, some readers might dislike Male, due to she frames kind and helpful Tom Robinson. But few think about why she lies to destroy innocent colored man. In the court, Tom describes what happens in Amylase’s home, () If it is real what he says, the truth is that Male as a white girl “kisses” a negro! More rose is that her behavior is found by his trashy father. The the guilty and fear led her to exchange Tom for her reputation, even though he is kind and helps her without pay.

    Her fear does not give her higher fame but ruin a helpless life. In addition, the third evidence in Romeo and Juliet is the lovers love too deeply and ignore the importance of life. Juliet and Romeo kiss and fall in love at first sight, even if they are still unfamiliar. Then Juliet asks nurse to “[g]o ask his name” (Shakespeare I. V. 132), and “[I]f he be married, Cheer] grave is like to be Cheer] wedding bed”(Shakespeare l. V. 132-133). Their love gust as Friar Lawrence states: “Poison hath residence and medicine power: For this, being smelt, with that part cheers each part; [b]Ewing tasted, slays all senses with the heart.

    Two such opposed kings encamp them still [I]n man as well as herbs, grace and rude will;And where the worse is predominant, [null soon the canker death eats up that plant”(Shakespeare al. Iii. 25, 30). They merely meet once but Juliet decides to sleep in her “grave” if Romeo is married . It can be regarded as loyal love, but from another point of view, it is hasty. They are victims in the play , but if just attributing their tragedy to the sat generation, it is unfair. Their deep and hasty love is just as tasting herbs, ” being tasted, slays all sense with the heart”.

    It is a key factor for their death, they are unable to extricate thrillers. Similar to Romeo and Juliet, the bride of Mr.. Dollops also is a character with firm belief and weak heart. When Scout is confused about Mr.. Dollops sitting with black people in the square, Gem tells her he has a colored wife, while 161 She should be a happy bride and have a “huge wedding’, but she can not tolerate her bridegroom has a black woman. And she does not refuse to marry Mr.. Dollops, but sacrifices of her firm racial discrimination.

    Her frail heart and extreme hate towards black people lead her to a tragic result. Therefore, both the play and book similarly contain weaknesses of humanity as a tragedy. Besides the conflicts and weaknesses of humanity, death is another common tragic factors in both texts. The own of death can be an exact tragedy. The first killed person in Romeo and Juliet is Mercuric in the conflict between Romeo and Table. Table orders a fight with Romeo. Unexpectedly,Table wounds Mercuric when Romeo refuses and commands Benevolent to draw his sword. Mercuric dies and Table runs away.

    As a result, Romeo is miserable and says, ‘ ‘This days black fate on more days doth depend: [t]his but begins the woe, others must end” (Shakespeare al. I. 1 15-116). Americium’s death is a misfortune, e is not the original goal of Table but is killed. However, it does not end here. As Romeo predicts”This but begins the woe”, it leads to Table and more deaths. Similar in To Kill A Mockingbird, Tom Robinsons death should be the most tragic. One day in August, while Aunt Alexandra is inviting her missionary circle at home, Attic’s comes back and Says, “Tom’s dead. He was running.

    It Was during theft (Lee 235). Tom Robinson is shot like a harmless and innocent mockingbird. Tom just wants to save himself. However, he is more pitiable with “seventeen bullet holes”. Probably as the guards says he may success if “he’d had two good arms”. But he is killed not only due to he is disabled but he is black. White people are unwilling to see a black man win a white man, even if they also consider he is disable and unable to rape Male. So Tom’s death is sad due to he is killed by the evil racism. In addition, Table loses his life after killing Mercuric.

    Romeo vows to avenge Americium’s death and catches escaped Table. The fight starts furiously, Romeos sward strikes home so that Table falls dead. Benevolent is horrified and crying out, “Romeo, away, be gone! Stand not amazed: the prince will doom thee death, [I]f thou art taken: hence, be gone, away! “(Shakespeare Ill. I. 1 28-130). However, Romeo still stand in the same place and sighs,” Oh I am fortune’s fool” (Shakespeare II. I. 133). Table dies, Romeo finishes revenge for Mercuric. He is the ‘fortune’ winner. However, he is also a “fool”. The prince will “doom” he death if catches him.

    Besides his death, the relation between the Montages and Capsules will e much worse, the situation of Romeo and Juliet is harder than before. In this extent the death of Table impacts the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. Bob Lowell is similar to Table in To Kill A Mockingbird. One night Bob follows Gem and Scout on their way home and he attacks them. At that very moment, Boo Raddled comes out and stabs him. Bob Lowell is died but Mr. Tate states that, “Mr.. Lowell on his knife”(Lee 276). The conflict between Bob and Attic’s states in the second paragraph. It caused death of Bob, even though he is a victim this time, but no one supports him.

    Although he is trash, his death is also kind of tragic. For himself, he loses own life, when he attempts to kill others. He is always a loser. Meanwhile, Mr.. Tate affirms he falls ” on his knife, and expect Attic’s no one disagrees. As an adult, he gains nothing but infamy in the whole life. As to his family, Although Bob Lowell is rude and bad-temper; he is her father, they are of the same blood, which is a reality and cannot be changed. Male loses her only relative, now she is alone and helpless. Lastly, in the play, Romeo is banished away from Verona as a punishment. He comes back at once when he is informed of Gullet’s death.

    In the tomb, he meets Paris and kills him. Then he commits suicides with poison next to Juliet. However, Juliet relives just after some minutes. She realizes that her dear Romeo passes away. And she says, “O churl! [Duller all, and left no friendly drop [t]o help me after? I will kiss thy lips; [h]apply some poison yet doth hang on them, [t]o make me die with a restorative”(Shakespeare V. Iii. 1 63-167). Then she dies beside Romeo. As a result, the greatest tragedy occurs at that time. Romeo kills himself because he cannot accept the death of Juliet. There are merely several minutes to Juliet around.

    Juliet cannot help but regrets if she can wake up earlier, maybe just a minute. And she chooses to die with a “restorative”. Originally, Romeo and Juliet should be a pair of happy couple, but they all dies for each other at last, only leaving a tremendous suffering to their parents. Similar in the book, the bride of Mr.. Dollops is a pity because she can choose to live if she wants. As Gem tells Scout,()(Lee 161). Although their is a little information about this “Spencer lady ‘r readers will also sympathize with her death. Because she is still young, she does not have to abandons her own life due to discrimination.

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