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Comparative study of Interview Methods and Questions

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Comparative study of Interview Methods and Questions

Product designer:

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Comparative study of Interview Methods and Questions
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In the present competitive world, customers are more into the look and feel and the product features than ever before. So a product designer should be asked questions to test whether he has the thorough understanding of the particular product and the industry and most importantly its customer base. Questions posed should be more on the awareness of customer requirements and whether he/she has done or has any idea on the types of products and out and if yes he should be judged as per the skills required by the particular product/industry. Unlike other designers product designing questions should mainly focus to test the designer’s understandings of present customer requirements and how he plans to bring out the design of it so as to give it a competitive edge over other contemporary products in the market and thereby attract more customers. Some sample interview questions can be:

1. Can you tell me about a product you designed?

2. What skills or training does someone need in product design and what kind of dedicated equipment(s) do you use?

3. How did you get into this field?

4. What is your design philosophy?

Architectural Designer:

An architectural designer should be well adept with the technical aspects in addition to the creative aspects. Be it a civil architect or a web architect the questions should primarily focus on how the designer is going to approach the problem. Unlike a fashion designer it requires knowledge and well carried out research in the particular field before implementing a design. An architectural designer needs to look out for a proper design plan to meet a particular goal. So more questions should be based on the practical aspects and the project and related works done by him and how he approaches them. Innovativeness or creative aspect is also required but not to an extent of that required in fashion design processes. Questions should mainly focus on his method of approach and how he plans an efficient and in some cases make it innovative. Some interview questions can be: 1. What are the steps in the design process?

2. How do you plan to organize the process?

Fashion Designer:

Fashion designing is mainly about sense of beauty and innovativeness. Sense of beauty is a must for a fashion designer. He/she should be asked questions like what inspired him/her to be a fashion designer and what appeals most. Innovativeness comes to determine how he/she will differ from other fashion designers and why and how she expects her designs to be accomplished. As compared to others questions here should mainly focus on innovativeness and sense of style and beauty and also measures to gain accomplishment.

Some questions to ask are:

1. Where did your sense of fashion first come from and how did you get started as a designer?

2. What other skills are important?

Fine Artist:

A fine artist on the other hand is fully based on creative aspects and business side is very hard to tackle with. He is a natural designer and there is always a sense of passion and feel. Questions like what influences or what motivates the artist as also what characters she deals with and why. What special skills he/she thinks of possessing and what are the materials she uses to bring out the effect. When compared to a fashion designer a fine artist can go to any extent of imagination and need not worry about the sense of accomplishment. He/she just runs wild in imagination and questions should mainly focus on skills, motivation and aspects of imagination.

Interview questions in various fields individual



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