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Case Study in a Company

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University – Kaslik FACULty of business and commercial sciences MGT 500 Applied Organizational Behavior and Management of Change Personal Values and Ethics in the Workplace Prepared by: Nisrine Koumeir Presented to: Dr. Joseph Wakim Fall 2012 Ethical Dilemma: Personal Values and Ethics in the Workplace Questions: 1. Was it fair of the mine management to dismiss Sipho from service? 2. What should Sipho have done differently? 3. In what way could the mine management have provided support to him, prior to his wrongful act? . How would you have acted had you been in a similar situation? 5.

What should you do when your personal values are in conflict with a certain work ethic? Answers: 1. Sipho breached the ethics of the workplace. He destroyed his personal values (honesty and respect) to help his family by giving him extra income. He paid R500. 00 to the personnel assistant so he contributed in the corrupt activities. Therefore it was fair of the mine to dismiss Sipho service. 2. Sipho should not handed the personal assistant the R500.

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Case Study in a Company
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0. he should inform the mine management that he deserve a promotion rather than paid bribe that it is against ethics and personal values. 3. The mine management discovered that the personnel assistant gave promotion to personnel who’s paid to him bribes and not for those whose dedicated all their time and effort to improve the productivity of the organization. Therefore, the mine management should give promotion to personnel that respect work ethics and work hardly. Here in our case, Sipho ould obtain a promotion if he was respected the work ethics but he didn’t do so, so he was found guilty and dismissed from the service. 4. If I was in similar situation: – keeping on my personal values that included honesty and hard work. – avoiding corrupt activities, fraud The truth will appear whatever what we are doing. Therefore, what I do will be in the same line with my values. 5. All people have their own sets of personal values that come from societies, families, religions… Organization tries to hire employees whose values match their own.

If the organization in which I work respects the equal employment equity (EEO), provides a work place free from all forms of discrimination, treats all employees with respect, dignity and equality , I think that is no conflict between my personal values and the organization ethics. But If the organization discriminates against pregnant women , I feel unhappy and in this case the company isn’t ethical and I will lose my respect for the company.

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