Compare and contrast about apples and oranges Essay

Apples and oranges is an healthy fruit as we known on our daily life. Though apples and oranges are two fruit with many similarities, there are pronounced differences between these two fruits. Apples are commercially grown on fruit trees. They can be red, green or yellow in color. They can be bitter or sweet depending on the climate of the area. For apples to grow it has to be on a certain temperature like cool.

Apple Juice is made from apples.

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Compare and contrast about apples and oranges
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Apples have smooth skin. Apples are used to play games such as, Bobbing for Apples. They are used for cooking like, making pies, cookies, and other foods. Apples are good fiber and are healthy for you. They’re very supportive for your health. Oranges are tropical and can be eaten or squeezed to make orange Juice. They are grown in hot temperatures. Oranges are grown from seeds and can have a tropical or bitter taste depending on how long did It grow.

Oranges are known for their Vitamin C, which has good health benefits. We all need Vitamin C to stay healthy. Orange juice Is really well with breakfast. Orange Juice and Vitamin C Is used to fight off the common cold. It helps protect the Immune system, oranges are really good for a person, unless they are food or fruit sensitive and can’t have It. Oranges have rough skin. Oranges are orange In color, but green when It’s In It’s early stages of growth hen turns orange.

Therefore, apples and oranges does have a lot of differences such as An argumentative subject about apples and oranges Is that some people say that apples are sweeter than oranges. Others say that oranges are messier than apples, but statically oranges are better for you than apples. Oranges contain Valetta C, which It can fight off cool and helps you clean out your system. Either way both fruits are good for you.

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