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Comparison and Contrast: Tuck Everlasting Movie and Book

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Comparison and Contrast: Tuck Everlasting Movie and Book

            From the story of Harry Potter to the trilogy of Lord of the rings, there are many books which have been produced and aired to big screens.  Those who read and watched the book and the movie of a certain story are very interested of comparing the context of the two.  One of these books is Tuck Everlasting, which is the most recent feature movie which is based on a best-seller children’s story.

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Comparison and Contrast: Tuck Everlasting Movie and Book
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Tuck Everlasting is a children’s book written by Natalie Babbitt and published in 1975 and it is also noted as a 2002 film based on the aforementioned book (The Glencoe Literature Library 3), . The movie version of the story was directed by Jay Russell and portrayed by Jonathan Jackson, Victor Garber, William Hurt, Alexis Bledel and Sissy Spacek. I have read the book and have also seen it in a big screen.  With what I have read and I have watched, I can say that the two have some differences and similarities.

            One of the things that these two is alike is that most of the characters in both the books and the movie. In the book, the author has made you picture how the individual characters look and in the Tuck Everlasting movie, the characters are seen as they are described in the book.  Such result is a big surprise for the reader and the watcher. For example, in the book, the major character, Winnie, who is a 10 year-old girl while in the movie, Winnie is described as a 15 year-old young lady. There is a lot in the movie of Tuck Everlasting about Winnie falling in love with her love interest with Jesse.  Jesse, on the other hand, is 17 years old in both the movie and the book. In the story in the book, it can be seen that Winnie is attracted and has a crush on Jesse, but with her age, she cannot imagine how a 17 year old young man would fall in love with her.

            Winnie came from a well-bred, straitlaced family who was lost in the woods, as she attempted to escape with her smothered lifestyle. In the woods, Winnie encountered the Tuck family, who are known to be a band of immortals due to a spring from which the family drank years ago. The story ultimately puts up a debate for the context of mortality and why this is necessary by using Tuck family as an example.

            In the movie, the two main characters have fell in love with each other and Winnie is being challenged on deciding whether or not to drink from the spring in order for them to be with each other forever.  In both the movie and the book, Winnie decided not to drink. The film ended with Jesse visiting the grave of Winnie in more modern times. In the movie, we can feel and see the sadness of Jesse because his love is not with him anymore but also happy because Winnie was not trapped in time like he and the rest of the Tuck family.

            Another element in the movie that can be compared with the book is the element of music. It can be said that to make the movie more lively and full of expression, the musicality should fit the story line.  In the move, people kept on hearing the music form the music box and it really gets in to the mind in such way.        There are times that the description in Tuck Everlasting’s book gets very boring to read. Herein, the reader doesn’t even get the chance to meet the main character until Chapter 3 which made the book have a slow pacing. However, in the movie, people just see all the description of the main character so it moves along faster than in the book. The scenery is said to be very beautiful in the movie, because of the colors and cinematographic enhancement, and spectacular effects made by the directors and other people behind the movie.

            In the book, we can feel some sad moments, especially on the way it has been ended. However, in the movie, the scene becomes more emotional that made the people who watched it cry. I can also say that the emotions of sadness and happiness are stressed more in the movie because of the music and how the scene was portrayed by the actors and actresses. The biggest similarity of the two is that the movie has the same theme as the story in the book and that the ending is pretty much the same.

            In the movie, the setting of the story is in early 20th century (1914) while in the book, the novel is set in 1880. In addition, the book has described that Winnie loved Jesse but Jesse is only thinking of her as a friend since he was older than Winnie. However, in the movie, both the characters are in love with each other. Another contrasting element in the movie and the book of Tuck Everlasting is the character of Mae. In the film, she was rescued from jail when Jesse and Miles stage an attack on Winnie (Archcraft 1) to divert the attention of the sheriff to them but in the book, such scene did not happened. In the file, the man in the yellow coat attacks Jesse, to contradict and negate the immortality of Jesse but in the story in the book, the man recommends that the Tucks should perform deadly feats to prove the power of the springs to the general public, but the man never actually attacks any of the members of the Tuck family.  In the film, it is Jesse who returns to find the gravestone of the love of his life (Winnie) by the spring, but in the book, it was Mae and Angus who returned, and found the gravestone of Winnie in a cemetery.

            All in all, it can be said that although the book and the film has differences, the two medium has been able to show people the real theme of the book and that is about true love and the true meaning of it.  In the story, the statement “We should not afraid death, we should afraid unlived life. We are not living anymore, living means we are changing all the time,” referred to the notion that people should not be afraid of dying because it really happens for all of us and we should be afraid on the things that we did not do while we are living, since living in the world where the only constant is change, people should be able to cope with this changes and learn to live a quality life with it.


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The Glencoe Literature Library. Study Guide for Tuck Everlasting. GLL. Retrieved October 8, 2007 Accessed at [www.glencoe.com/sec/literature/litlibrary/pdf/tuck_everlasting.pdf]

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