Comparison of the House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros and Speak by Laurie Anderson

Throughout Melinda and Esperanza’s life, their views of the world begin to change. They face many challenges and hardships. However, as they get older, they learn to tackle these problems. In this novel, The House on Mango Street_by Sandra Cisneros, and the novel, M, by Laurie Anderson, it becomes clear that both Melinda and Esperanza become more mature and confident about who they are. In The House on Mango Street written by Sandra Cisneros, Esperanza greatly grows and matures throughout the book. Esperanza learns that the world is not as innocent as it seems. It is a long journey from childhood to adulthood. For example, when Esperanza tries to seem older than she is by wearing the shoes that she and her friends buy, she learns the evil intents of men.

Esperanza also struggles to find who she is and what she wants to do. However, as time passes she matures and learns that she has a passion for writing and that through hard work, she can achieve her dream. For example, Esperanza originally wants to have a big, cool, and white house. Later on though, she learns that having a home that she can call “her own” is the most important. Also she learns that she has to come back and help others who couldn’t get out of Manga Street. These are all signs that Esperanza is maturing. In SM, written by Laurie Anderson, Melinda matures and grows up. In the beginning of the story, Melinda does not express herself or communicates with others. She has no friends, parents who do not care for her, and she is depressed. She has no motivation to do anything and despises the world. Near the end of the book, she has Ivy who loves art just like she does and she expresses herself more.

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For example, a quote from the book, “Guys to stay away from, “Andy Evans”. This shows a huge improvement in Melinda. She used to not even say his name. She called him it. Now, she is even writing and warning other people about Andy Evans. As you can see, Melinda is becoming more understanding about her problems. She realizes that she can’t run away forever. She starts to handle the obstacles in her life, one by one. Also another quote from the book that supports this statement is, “I’m on a roll, I’m rocking. I don’t know what it is; standing up to Heather, or planting marigold seeds.” In this quote, it shows Melinda is growing up and maturing. She used to be a confused girl who didn’t know her place in the world. Now she is a strong, independent girl who solves her problems on her own.

Melinda is in better terms with her parents. She is going to school every day. She stands up for herself, and what she believes in. Another positive thing in Melinda’s life was Andy Evan’s getting exposed. Everyone knows what happened between Andy Evans and Melinda. In result, Andy Evans is now hated and Melinda is looked upon as a hero. As you can see, Melinda has grown and matured tremendously. Overall. Melinda and Esperanza are very similar in many ways. They both start out as two young girls who have a lot to learn. Many problems come up in their lives for both of them. Through experience. they both learn how to solve these problems. Melinda and Esperanza both learn the hard way though. It was after they went through all these hardships when they realized they had to solve these problems or it wasn’t going to go away. Melinda and Esperanza both accomplished to solve their problems in the end.

Another similarity is throughout the whole book, they both have people who have been by their side through all kinds of situations. Esperanza had Lucy and her sister. They support her and played with her when she was bored. They also learn together about the adult life and growing up. Melinda has Mr. Freeman and David. Mr. Freeman always supports her and encourages her. He shows her how to express herself through her art which really helps her out. Also David helps by inspiring her to stand up for her beliefs like how he did with Mr. Neck. Melinda and Esperanza would never have been this successful in solving their problems if it wasn’t for the help of their friends.

They have an enormous impact on their lives. All this proves that Esperanza and Melinda are unique in similar ways. During this essay, Esperanza and Melinda both grow and mature throughout the book. Both their lives are a mess in the beginning of the books. They are faced with tough problems in their daily lives. However, as the stow progresses, they both start to shape up their lives. All these experiences they have gone through, helps them to become strong and independent individuals. They each have people that have been always there for them and it greatly helps in how they find their own identities.

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