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This quote from Shame Cancan’s poem “To This Day” highlights the fact that words we say could hurt more than we think they do. It highlights the fact that words have the same painful effect as a broken bone. I have been verbally bullied in the past so I know what it feels like. I have gotten many questions about my experience and I don’t mind any at all. However, many of the people I have talked to expect me to talk about physical contact such as punching or kicking. We see the same posters in the hall about how bullying should be stopped ND how we should take action, but we often don’t take action.

Either because we don’t care, we’re too afraid, or because we don’t see it. Verbal abuse can lead to depression, physical retaliation, or suicide. Today I want you to rethink what you believe is bullying and think of more than Just physical contact. Verbal abuse can cause the victim to feel worthless, hopeless, and helpless, pushing them farther away from others around them. These are Just a few of the many signs of depression. Other signs Include sudden changes In eating habits, long lasting sadness, and loss of Interest.

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Depression Is more common In bullies or bully victims than in teens or children who have not been victimized. We should all keep an eye out for signs of depression in children and teenagers. Anyone who is dealing with or is showing signs of depression should talk to a counselor or a trustworthy adult to help them recover. Depression is a serious condition, but can be stopped with the proper care needed. Verbal abuse doesn’t only affect the victim. It can also affect the people around them. Physical retaliation Is possible for anyone who Is emotionally distressed.

It Is aid that 1 out of 20 students have seen a student with a gun at school and that revenge is the strongest motivation for school shootings. In Seattle, February 16th 2013, two fifth grade boys were taken into custody for bringing a gun and a knife with them to school planning to kill a classmate. They wanted to kill her because they thought she was rude and she always made fun of them and their friends. After a fellow student noticed the boys had the weapons on the bus, he reported It to the bus driver. Nobody was hurt, but the boys now could be facing three years in a venial treatment facility.

Keep in mind that any rude comment or action can set someone off and put them and everyone around them in danger. Every day teenagers and children take their life. A few reasons being because of depression or they don’t know any other way to reach out for help. Verbal abuse causes the flatly to feel unwanted, useless, and out of place. They believe these dodge harsh words being said. Once you get to the point where you’ve heard those words so much that you would do Just about anything to get away from it you feel like taking your life is the only solution.

Try to put yourself in the victim’s shoes. Where you feel like you have no purpose and you feel as unwanted as the vegetables on your plate. Then you ask yourself, what else is there to do? Suicide remains among the leading causes of death of children 14 years or younger. Many people who have thoughts of suicide will not get the help they need because they don’t feel like they need it or they don’t know how to get it. It is important that any noticeable signs of someone being suicidal are reported immediately to an adult or counselor. Bullying is not Just physical contact.

Verbal abuse has the same effect as physical bullying. First, it can lead to depression, which can have them push themselves away from others. Second, verbal abuse can lead to physical retaliation, putting themselves and the others around them in danger. Lastly, it can lead to suicide. Suicide is one of the leading causes of death for teenagers and anyone having suicidal thoughts should seek help from a trustworthy adult. I encourage you to rethink the way you treat others and think before you speak. Harsh words can have more of an effect than you think they do.

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