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Where You Were Questioning Your Confidence in Yourself?

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Has there been any point in your life where you were questioning your confidence in yourself? My name is Jordan White, and I will discuss how you find confidence through other people in society. At one point in each other lives, we have all lost confidence in ourselves. For example, you could have been the most outgoing kid or the shy kid in your school growing up. Or you could have lost your confidence in elementary school, middle school, high school, or even college.

It doesn’t matter what age you are or what your personality is we all have to face different problems in our lives. The new idea is finding the confidence in other people who have helped me find confidence in myself growing up.

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Where You Were Questioning Your Confidence in Yourself?
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I found out that finding confidence in difficult times is one of the hardest things to do in life. As people who may struggle with confidence, because we all felt like someone feels like undistinguishable to the word.

Or as I stated before they grew up as the shy kid in school, so it was hard for them to find confidence in themselves to even start with.

Well, this is how it happened to me while I was growing up. To begin growing up in Germany I didn’t really have the confidence in me like everyone else did in my school. I was always the outgoing shy kid as everyone knew me as. I remember that I didn’t like to speak to people because I simply was trying not to get seen by the other kids. I just knew I wanted to be one of the kids in the back to avoid getting picked on or called out on. I always did the things I was told because my parents raised me like that. That if any adult said to do something you do it with no complaint. I remember joining the Special Olympics in middle school even though I didn’t want to, but my parents made me do it. During the two years of doing the Special Olympics, I began to grow as an individual and began to open more and stop listening to what others thought of me.

But as a person, I still felt the need to worry about what people thought of me as an individual. When I made the transition to High School it wasn’t really a worry to me anymore because I have already been around other different High Schoolers since seventh grade due to me being in Special Olympics. Once I got to high school, I started to find myself talking to other people regularly, opening to more people, and beginning to find confidence in myself. The other kids that I was trying to not be spotted by and not really talked to them before, I had begun to talk to more than I did previously before. Although I talked to lots of people, I still found that I didn’t have lots of confidence in myself. While it was way out of my comfort zone and talking to more and more people, I still was that shy, outgoing kid.

You may ask the question why we would need others to help us find our confidence, it is pleasing to have friends who can help you through those difficult times. I was blessed to have such a wonderful support system between my family and friends. My family is my best support system while growing up. Having the best cousins, I have, I was able to be myself while coming out of my comfort zone. The two main people who have helped me through all my difficult times were my two best friends Destiny and G aka Geralyn.

Destiny has been my friend since I was 5 years old. She was the neighbor who lived two houses up the street from my house. Growing up there wasn’t lots of kids in my neighborhood it was mainly adults. So, growing up her, and my brother and I were the best of friends. She is one of my best friends. We would always go outside and play on the treehouse every day until we would have to go inside. We would always hang out at each other houses in the summertime when we didn’t have to worry about school.

My other friend is G aka Geralyn. G has been my best friend since freshman year of college. She was just as outgoing, but shy just like me when I first met her last year. While being best friends G has helped us come out of our comfort zone while being in college. Being around each other all the time and hanging out at the soccer field we quickly got to know each other quickly we really connected more and more. She has become not only my roommate but my sister. But like any other friendship when you put me and her together, we can be some of the craziest two people know. Therefore, those two people in my life helped me in so many ways gain more confidence in myself by being at my side when I need them the most.

I would love to show you a video by Sadie Robertson and her awareness of her self-confident. (Play Video) In conclusion, we must work through our own problems when we feel is the right time. It shouldn’t matter what we are going through in life when it deals with how we feel. We should work on having people there to help us during the difficult times because it is amazing to have other there when you need someone to help you.

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