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Controversy over the American Dream Act

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Arena Winces uses her personal experience in “My Life in the Shadows” to raise public awareness to the problems illegal immigrants, like herself, face on a daily Asia. Winces opens a window for her audience to see the frustration encountered by youth pleading for a chance at success In the country that has become their new home. Her writing Implores support for the DREAM Act bill, which will allow for these young Individuals to come out of the shadows.

Her personal Illustrations of the adversely faced In her birth country, Mexico, and In crossing the border emphasize the Importance of Glenn Immigrants an opportunity at a better life, since the opportunities for an undocumented immigrants are “only half open,” particularly in education and employment.

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Controversy over the American Dream Act
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A different aspect of the DREAM Act is presented in Mark Ukrainians “DREAM On,” where it is argued that the Act includes four major imperfections in the way the DREAM Act has been written.

According to Agrarian, the act covers too broad age requirements, encourages fraud, would attract further illegal immigration, and reward illegal immigrants.

Knowing that Agrarian is the executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, a group that promotes greater immigration laws and enforcement, It Is not surprising that he Is a DREAM Act doubter. His commentary obviously attempts to sway the opinion of supporters of the bill, while reinforcing the belief of those with his same view on the subject.

Although Agrarian is correct about the need to address some of the problems encountered with the DREAM Act, we must equally weight out the benefits and the value of what the act can do for those young “Americans,” who show loyalty and devotion for what has become their homeland. We must, however, not forget the humanistic aspect of the issue. In fact, as Agrarian comes to the end of his commentary, he appears to shift from a doubter to an absolute oppose by predicting hat the DREAM Act will fail.

Clearly, the DREAM Act is controversial and invites us to reflect upon the real importance of our beliefs and values. The presence of some obstacles or blemishes that can be corrected should not be the reason to completely rule out an option that Immigrants or not, legal or Illegal, we are all human beings In search of our own dream.

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