Courtney’s ACL Experience

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For those of you that do not know what happened last year, I would like to explain what happened and why I am now interested in ACLs. We were in gym class and I jumped in the air to catch a football and when I landed I felt a pop in my knee and I knew something was wrong. The next thing that I remember was me sitting on the bleaches with Mrs. Munoz, the old gym teacher, standing beside me asking what happened. I then explained the little bit that I knew about what just happened and then changed back into my uniform. I then was able to walk on my knee for the rest of the day. I went to the orthopedic doctor where he said that I most likely tore my ACL but he said that I had to get a MRI to confirm what truly happened. When I went back to the doctor he said that I did tear my ACL and I had to go to physical therapy if I wanted any chance of playing any of the basketball season last year.

I started going to physical therapy and I was able to start playing in basketball practices the end of December into the beginning of January, so I was able to play the second half of the season. While I was playing during the season, my knee popped out of place 4 different times, once during practice and the other 3 times in different games. When we told the doctor this, he said that I would most likely need to have surgery at the end of the season if this continues happening for the safety of my knee. I wasn’t sure that I was going to need to have the surgery because the last couple weeks of the season were going very well and my knee was doing great.

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Then during our last game, a playoff game which we ended up losing by a couple of points, my knee popped out worse than it ever had before. It popped out with 10 seconds left and when someone looked at it they said I most likely dislocated it and it probably hurt so bad because it didn’t pop back in yet. This was the worst pain I have felt in my knee yet. After that happened, I couldn’t even walk on my left leg by myself for a couple of hours. This was the moment that we decided that I definitely needed to get surgery so my knee wouldn’t do this anymore. My surgery was scheduled for March 1st. I then restarted physical therapy and did it for about 3 months before taking a break during the summer since the insurance only give you a certain amount of physical therapy appointments. During the summer, I continued my exercises and I was also running. I have now resumed physical therapy and I am doing running, jumping, and some cutting to test my knee to make sure that I will be ready for the basketball season this year. I have almost run out of visits at physical therapy and they recommended that I go to Cool Springs in Bethel Park since they can continue my training and they have a bigger training facility that I can use.

The total recovery time from surgery to playing basketball is 9 months, so I will be ready to start playing around December 1! Even though I don’t exactly what happened when I tore my ACL, I now am much more knowledgeable and know what I should be doing to lower the risk of me hurting it again or hurting my right knee.

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