Creating Your Dream Job

The start of any business involve creating a business plan, financial planning and whatever gal matters that may be involved. There are risks involved and will have to be addressed as well. My dream job would be a retail buyer for a high end fashion company. As long as I could remember I have always loved high end fashions. I grew up in Brooklyn New York and just about everywhere you went there was a display of fashion. Both my parents donned the latest designer fashions and so did just everyone I know. I guess you can say this where I developed my love of fashion. A career as a retail buyer in many respects is glamorous and powerful.

However, it takes more than just knowing fashion to make it in such competitive market and involves the following: a keen detail and an absolute love for fashion, business skills, be detailed oriented, have flexibility, and the ability to keep up with the demands of being on the road frequently, you must be analytical where it relates to pricing data a sales in an effort to ensure the organization continuously makes a profit from the choices in fashion apparel and accessories you make as a fashion purchaser, your main concern concentrates on determining the type of clothing and accessories are in demand for the upcoming season.

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Job specifications for a position as a fashion buyer are like those of any career in purchasing, you must be familiar with the product and must be capable of working with a team, and include the following: must have experience in retail buying Must be able to identify market and pricing trends, for general merchandise market Must have strong negotiating skills Experience with buying in general merchandise environment Ability to travel to several shows each year Compensation and benefit package is based on the locality (New York City) which list the average salary for a retail buyer of high end apparel and accessories t $130,000 per year and the reputation that accompanies the fashion capital of the world, standing out among the many applicants the applies and a vast knowledge in the different areas fashion including fashion marketing, design, sales, and purchasing . Compensation was also based on the amount of travel requiring one to be away from home traveling to different countries for extended periods of time several times per year requiring one to have additional medical and dental insurance which is not covered under current insurance offered thru insurance offered through the company.

The compensation and benefits package will consist of the following : Salary of $125,000 based on education to include a 4 year degree and the following experience: Previous buying and merchandising experience Knowledge of an E-commerce operations Demonstrated understanding of the Fashion market Very strong analytical skills Knowledge of retail math and retail systems High level of time management and organizational skills Team player Detail-oriented with ability to manage multiple tasks independently Effective written and verbal communication skills Comprehensive health and dental insurance 8 hours paid vacation per pay period (bi-weekly) 4 hours sick leave per pay period (bi-weekly) A performance appraisal based on this position being one of a kind The position of Retail Buyer is the only job of its kind within the organization.

The Performance appraisal program will be used to evaluate the yearly performance and will include name, review period, position, start date, department, date of review, and supervisor; key responsibilities of the Fashion Buyer, and is where the tasks will be listed for that position. It will include a graph that will include the tasks carried out with this position. This will allow the person to be rated to gage where he or she is appose to the basic method of stating whether the employee did not meet, met or exceeded expectations. The appraisal will also include key result areas using the 4-point scale which will state what is mentioned above, whether the performance was always successful, consistent, superior, inconsistent, not met at all and how performance was overall.

The appraisal will be conducted by the immediate supervisor but will include input room all involved in the day to day duties of the individual going through the appraisal process. Key duties will clearly state duties for which the person being appraised is made responsible for and clearly stated at the beginning of employment and through yearly meetings where management will sit and discuss what is required of you and what his or her expectations are. Quarterly meetings should also take place where there are any deficiencies should be noted at that time and should they be corrected within a certain period of time and are not repetitious will not be reflected upon yearly appraisals.

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