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My Dream Job – Beautician

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My dream job would be to be a beautician, I used to want to be an message therapist but decided to turn my career path in another direction. Today’s society has so many stylist/beauticians to choose from but I chose a distant relative of mine. Angel is actually my sister on my father’s side. Now I haven’t been that successful when it comes to meeting my siblings on that side of my family, because he passed away when I was 2yrs old and he had many kids most down in Tennessee and all older than I am.

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My Dream Job – Beautician
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So I figured since Angel was in the field that I am interested in that it would be a great ideal to interview her and get to know her at the same time. This interview was conducted Friday April 12 @ 5pm over the telephone. History Strange but I learned about most of my siblings on facebook. Angel was no different, She was actually the one who responded when I reached out to many of them after learning about them all, through the sister I know that grew up near me in Toledo.

Angel is the owner and a stylist at Angel’s Hair Salon in Kingston, Tennessee and has been since about December of 2011.

Before owning her own salon she worked as a stylist at Serendipity- Do Salon. Some of the titles some of her clients have given her are, The best down south, a miracle worker, or just their hairdresser. Career Aspirations A while back there was been talk in my house about joining careers, to clarify me and my fiance both do hair for fun. He cut hair and I braid, style and whatever else you can think of. So we talked about possibly getting a shop together and making it our own. But we have to be certified and have licenses before we can make this possible. Therefore I am working on it.

After graduation I plan on going to beauty school and getting everything done that needs to be done in order for me to achieve these goals I have for the near future. As for Angel, she’s the owner of a salon exactly what I want to do. I wouldn’t mind just working at one but I want to stride for better and own it. Job requirements • All states in the US require beauticians to be licensed. • The requirements for a license vary depending on what state your in, but it is generally mandatory for one to have a high school diploma or GED. • To be at least 16 years old and have graduated from a state-licensed

cosmetology school. • Before graduating, students are required to pass a state licensing examination. • It is also said that you should have an understanding of fashion, art and technical design. Since your work requires you to deal with clients, a lot of importance is given to interpersonal skills, image and attitude. • Beauticians and even cosmetologists should also be effective salespersons as client retention and retail sales are an important part of a salon’s revenue. The Interview The Interview actually went well. I sat in my bedroom with the door closed because I have a two year old.

Don’t worried I didn’t neglect her she played with dad while I conducted my 45 minute interview. But she is my sister so we stayed on the phone for about two hours. I have to admit it was a little weird in the beginning then after a while it was almost like we knew one another. I asked the questions and she answered to the best of her knowledge. Ms. Pruitt struggled a little in the start of her career as do we all. I know when its time for me to start that it won’t be easy, giving me some advice on how she did things, to where maybe I could follow in her footsteps.

Actually me keeping it professional wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, you see by her being my sister I thought we wouldn’t be able to conduct ourselves as such. So of the points I liked was learning about something that I was so interested in and getting to know this woman. Some things that I would try to do differently in the future would definitely be a face-to-face interview. Seeing one another’s facial expression would have made this experience that much more enjoyable. Ah-ha Now I knew it wouldn’t be easy but a lot of the hard times we discussed in the interview I never thought about until now.

Owning your own business, working in family time when exhausted. Not to mention starting up the shop, loans, equipment, and product just to name a few. But that’s all apart of the experience, right? The experience that I’m ready for. Some things I never imagined to happen she mentioned to me that she had a classmate in cosmetology school who developed contact dermatitis from having to constantly wash her hands so often (and from shampooing clients repeatedly). Another cosmetologist with whom she worked developed a latex allergy from frequent exposure to the rubber gloves we have to wear during chemical services.

Just because you choose to become a hair stylist doesn’t mean that you have to go to work in a salon. Perhaps you want to do something more creative. There are platform artists who do trade show demonstrations and compete in hair competitions all over the world. You might specialize in wig-making and styling, or in special effects hairstyling. You might even get a job working hair and make-up in the entertainment industry doing work on films and television shows, or for fashion shows. The possibilities are limitless. Hair Professional Levels

“As apart of my past“ Angel started out in the serendipity-do salon with different levels as a professional. The levels were as follow. • Stylists Stylist level is achieved after receiving their cosmetology degree, license and completing extensive training in all facets of hair care by training departments, Senior Directors and new talent educators for up to 18 months. • Designers Designers have the above qualifications, plus have received a minimum of 12 to 18 months of experience at the stylist level and fulfilled specified criteria in advanced education and training. • Directors

Directors have the above qualifications, plus more than three years of experience with the Company and have fulfilled specified criteria in advanced education and training. • Senior Directors A select group who, after obtaining Director status, have been active as a trainer for two years and fulfilled specified criteria in advanced education and training. Senior Directors average 12 years of experience and have trained extensively throughout the U. S. She also stated that she doesn’t run her shop this way. Everyone is treated equally, “I have and assistant manager but the levels were to messy for some workers.

” Q & A Which skills are most important to acquire? Anyone can cut hair. But not anyone can be a good hairdresser. It is not rocket science to learn the techniques of cutting and coloring hair, but it does take so much more to be really good in this exciting profession. Beauty school and / or an apprenticeship in a good salon can give you all the tools that you need, but what will make you different than anyone else and help you succeed, are your personal talents, skills and inclinations. Where might job listings be found? • The internet these days is a huge job finder.

• Start out as the help (cleaning, sweeping) then try moving up. • Ads in the newspaper. What is so difficult about being a hair stylist? Contrary to what some people believe, the job is physically demanding. It may not require heavy lifting or rigorous activity, but it does require: • That the individual be able to stand on his or her feet for long periods and often to assume and hold uncomfortable positions for a protracted period of time. • There is a lot of repetitive motion in cosmetology. • While you may not need to be able to compete in a triathlon, you still need to be aware of the physical demands of the job.

• These physical demands also include working with some fairly strong chemical compounds; some of which don’t have a pleasant fragrance. • Even the required practices that don’t involve harsh chemicals can become of a problem. I had a classmate in cosmetology school who developed contact dermatitis from having to constantly wash her hands so often (and from shampooing clients repeatedly). Another cosmetologist with whom I worked developed a latex allergy from frequent exposure to the rubber gloves we have to wear during chemical services. There are a lot of stresses besides these physical ones, too.

When a client comes to you they often have a picture in their head of what they want their hair to look like, but have no realistic concept of whether it is possible, or even how to relay their wishes to you. For instance, I once had a 60+ year old white woman with baby-fine hair come to me and tell me that she wanted her hair to look like Halle Berry’s. I tried explaining in every way that I could, and did my best to approximate what she said she wanted, but she still left my chair dissatisfied. Some people cannot be dissuaded and you have to learn to deal with them.

Occasionally, you can make one happy, or you can explain to them why it won’t work and they’ll accept it. But the ones who get upset or can’t tell you exactly what they want are going to be a problem in most cases. How much does someone in your field make a year? • It varies roughly between 16,000-35,000 a year again depends on what you decide you want to do, what path you choose. Thank you Dear Ms. Pruitt: I appreciate you allowing me the opportunity to speak with you about the hair stylist career field at the Angel‘s Hair salon. The job seems to be a perfect match for my abilities and interests.

In addition I am well aware of how busy you are, and I really appreciate that you gave me your valuable time to help me out with my interview. I look forward to having the opportunity to meeting you in person and hope to hear from you soon. Again, thank you very much for your time and for your consideration.

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