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Creativity And Innovat

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The company then ought a plot in Edmonton, London to build warehouse and headquarter of the company. (Tests, 2012) 1 Process of Creative and Innovative Management in Tests Due to globalization, innovation and creativity has become essential elements of competitiveness. It means that the organizations must adapt to the changing markets and technologies (Lawson & Samson, 2001). Luke & Katz (2003) suggested a model which turns the creative and innovative idea into a commercial product. It rests on two pillars: invention and exploitation.

The former includes the idea, its evaluation, recognizing the opportunity in market ND relevant processes whereas the latter involves the development and centralization.

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Creativity And Innovat
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This is shown in the figure below: Studying Tests against the backdrop of this model shows that the idea generated by Jack Cohen was to merge with other businesses to increase the ambit of the business. This led him to form partnership with ET Stockpile and form Tests. The opportunities recognized by him were of emerging food consumption, more need of such stores in London and a modern warehouse to support such stores.

This led his store to be the strongest retail brand of the I-J. 2 Leadership at Amiable (1996) said that innovation suggests the implementation of creative ideas and for successful entrepreneurship it is essential to combine the components of these two. She said that it is the leadership which combines these all elements together. In order to do so the leadership assembles the requisite team, supervises them, provides them with necessary rewards (intrinsic and extrinsic) and create a working atmosphere.

Emphasize by Deco’s leadership with regards to creativity and innovation is evident from their profile that the company provides necessary focus to harness the creativity of the employees ND encourage them to come up with innovative ideas. The prowess of company is applied to ideas as much as to logistics and the layout of the store. (Tests Pal, 2007) This also shows that the style of leadership followed by Tests is Democratic whereby workers are encouraged to participate in decision making with their innovative and creative ideas.

The Chief Executive of the company, Philip Clarke, said that it is not necessary that innovation always flows from top level of hierarchy. It can emerge from any level of the hierarchy and that his job is to ensure that any such idea is being heard regardless of the level f the hierarchy. 3 Vision and Mission of Tests: Assessing their Creativity and Innovation The vision of the company is to be the highly valued business globally. That is, the one valued by not the customers alone but by the service it provides to the communities and to its shareholders.

The company aims to be constantly innovative and creative to continue to grow globally (Tests, 2012). The mission of the company is to be the largest retailer in UK and be the top international retailer. The number of its stores comprises over five thousand worldwide and it employs over five hundred thousand people in fourteen countries. This can also be estimated by having a look at their Values statement that, ‘We work in an environment that is based on trust and respect and we know that motivated staff will give our customers great service.

By truly living our values, we create a great place to work and one where we deliver great customer satisfaction. In addition to ‘Every Little Helps’, we also have our own set of Customer Promises that determine how we treat our customers” (Tests PAL, 201 2) 4 Potential Creative and Innovative Ideas The trading arena of the company ranges from UK to Europe to US and to Asia as well. The figure below shows the comparison among different regional trading profits: Micelle (2012) observed that the international trading profit (i. E. There than in SKI) showed an increase of 18% which compensated for the affected level of profit in UK. Therefore, following its performance in the international arena the innovative ideas developed by the company were to move towards break-even investment in US, exit the Japanese market after it couldn’t achieve much there in eight years, develop a leasehold hypermarket in China instead of freehold shopping centre and drop prices in UK so as to move towards cost leadership which it calls as “The Big Price Drop”. 5 Benefits and Risks of Creative and Innovative Ideas 5. Benefits The company entered in the 21st century by being the largest online grocery retailer in the world. Its website, Tests Direct, is offering more than 7500 products. Its Banking branch, Tests Bank, has more than six million account holders and generated a business of GAP 1 billion alone with GAP 168 million in profits. The sale of its rest of the group increased to GAP 72 billion in 2012 as compared to GAP 67 million in 2011. (Tests, 2012) 5. 2 Risks The company invested GAP 30 million in its training academy (Tests, 2012). It was facing fierce competition from other competitors in market like SAD on prices.

It is expanding rapidly and has various stores in London alone which can lead to self-cannibalism. Since it is increasing globally, it is relying on many suppliers and in some countries it is depending on them which can enhance the bargaining power of the suppliers and can affect the profitability of the company. (Tests, 2011) 6 Change Models Tests can utilize IDEAL model of change which stands for initiating, diagnosis, establishing, acting and learning. Initiating means to lay down the ground work which in Deco’s scenario could be price comparison with competitors like Cost Cutter, SAD, etc.

Diagnosing means to analyze your position and setting up the goal which in Deco’s case is that it still lacks behind in cost leadership since its competitors are selling same products on much cheaper price and the goal in this regard could be to reduce prices on regular items. Establishing phase highlights the plan to achieve the goal set out at diagnosing phase which with respect to Tests could be to establish a team which reviews the price of the competitors with that of Deco’s and identify the regular running items and hen suggest the price decrease accordingly.

Acting refers to doing the required work which in the Deco’s case would be to implement the suggestions. Learning implies to learn from the change which in the Deco’s case could be the levels of profitability and competitiveness in market after the price decrease. 7 Conclusion This paper took into account the significance of creativity and innovative management with regards to Tests. It reviewed the history of creativity and innovative management, the leadership which realizes such management and the change model to effect a change.

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