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Criminal Justice Practitioners

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Preparing for a career in public safety Criminal Justice professionals play a major role in individual and in society needs. They help protect, maintain order, respond to emergencies, and serve to their communities. One of the most important roles of a criminal justice practitioner is to create public relations. It is very important in most, if not all cases; to have a strong relationship with the community you serve to build trust. The society wants to be able to feel safe where they live.

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Criminal Justice Practitioners
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As a criminal justice recantation your job is to build relationships for trust whether you serve your country or community. People rely on you to keep order and the peace as well. There are many key social topics that can be touched on, especially because there is such a wide range of criminal justice roles that are played in the public. One of the major social topics currently is the Darken Wilson and Michael brown case. The community of Ferguson wanted justice for Michael brown because they felt as if Mr.

. Brown did not get the justice that he deserved.

Darken Wilson, on he other hand, as a criminal justice practitioner, was held to a higher standard of upholding the correct criminal procedures. The community of Ferguson did not feel as if Mr.. Wilson did his job correctly. This in return sparked a worldwide outbreak of protesting and looting. Majority of the worlds eyes were open to the fact that young African American teens faced the same harsh treatment that Michael brown did. Incidents like this prove that building relationships in the community is a major factor.

If relationships are built in on the job as a criminal justice practitioner it makes your job a lot easier. Other parts of an officers responsibility is to observe and report. Another key topic is observing and reporting. I was watching a video the other day on Yahoo. Com about a man being harassed because he was walking down the street in a suburban neighborhood with his hands in his pockets. Even though this man was doing nothing wrong and was being compliant, the officer still had to observe the situation due to the fact that he had received a call about this individual looking suspicious.

This is a part of the officer’s job, but to the individual it was considered harassment. Because of everything that’s been going on in social media regards to race and color it makes an officers job extremely difficult to deal with simple situations. However, police are targeting low income housed individuals versus individuals in middle class neighborhoods. This has been another big key social topic. It has been shown that there is a higher crime rate in low income households compared to middle or high class housing.

Although there is trouble wherever you go a lot of people in low income housing feel as if thieve being targeted. As a criminal justice practitioner your duty is to prevent crimes not to initiate a crime. There are people all over America who feel like they’re being singled out specifically African Americans in low income housing. In conclusion, these are all examples of social topic which affect the role criminal justice practitioners play in the world today. These are all things that make the job much harder then what it already is.

As we all know a badge is a humbly of honor, loyalty, and respect, as a vowel to protect and serve our country. These issues affect our criminal justice practitioners in a major way. Criminal justice professionals play an important role to keep the people in our communities safe and aware of what is going on in today’s society. Every person on earth has a job to do and at the end of the day everyone should feel like they’ve done their jobs correctly. Some people would agree that criminal justice practitioners do a great job and some don’t agree.

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