Critical lens Of Mice and Men

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According to Goethe, each person perceives the world in a unique manner, implying that individuals possess distinct perspectives and react differently to various circumstances. I concur with this statement as society often engages in discussions about diverse viewpoints. John Steinbeck’s novel, Of Mice and Men, exemplifies the contrasting characteristics of two individuals.

The focus of the narrative revolves around George and Lennie, two migrant workers. They decide to flee a farm in Weed, California after Lennie, overcome with fear, clings onto a girl’s dress in panic and is falsely accused of rape. Their ultimate ambition is to acquire a comfortable home of their own. However, they are compelled to accept employment at a ranch situated far from their previous workplace.

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At the ranch, they encounter Curly, the boss’s son known for his volatile temperament, as well as an esteemed jerk line skinner who commands admiration from many individuals. Each man possesses his own unique perspective on life and distinctive traits that shape their individuality.

According to the story, Curly is an amateur boxer and is always instigating fights, particularly with individuals who are larger than him. This behavior indicates his low self-esteem and lack of confidence. Steinbeck further characterizes Curly’s approach as both calculated and aggressive, as he walks around with his elbows slightly bent. This physical demeanor reveals Curly’s personality, as he constantly feels the need to prove his toughness to others due to his lack of confidence in himself. He compensates for his smaller stature by asserting his superiority.

Curler’s insecurity about his size affects his perception of the world. Slim, on the other hand, is depicted as a jerk line skinner, an esteemed figure among the characters, including Curler himself. Leadership comes naturally to Slim, and he possesses a quality that makes people trust and confide in him easily. “His tone was friendly, inviting confidence without pressuring it.” The characters hold Slim in high regard because he consistently demonstrates an understanding of what is right and wrong. Moreover, Slim displays sympathy, care, and understanding towards Leonie and his mental disability. In contrast to Curler, Slim exudes confidence and lacks visible insecurities, making him an exemplary leader and role model on the ranch. These two characters have contrasting qualities and perspectives due to differing behaviors, beliefs, and emotions. Curler is seen as a “punk,” whereas Slim earns respect as a leader. Each person has a unique perspective since no two individuals perceive things in the same way.

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