Critical Review of Marriage Can Be Murder in Las Vegas

“Marriage can be Murder” is an interactive comedy dinner show experience, where the actors and actresses are mingled in amongst the unsuspecting guests. High comedy and high jinks abound as the guests are intermingled and sometimes singled out with our killers and victims.

I was very pleasantly surprised with the evening. I was made to feel comfortable, and I was able to have a good time. The mood and the atmosphere put the audience at ease, and everyone seemed to spend most of the time laughing and smiling. Both the food and the entertainment were very pleasing. It is not a big elaborate production. It is a small venue, and a distinctly different type of entertainment then what one would typically expect to get with Las Vegas production. It is a nice alternative, and a good evening of entertainment.

The show stays fresh, changing out cast members every 8 weeks many enjoy returning again and again. This fun game format takes you along with other guests, a detective, hidden actors/actresses and your hostess through a rash of crimes to hit a single spot on one night. A hilarious Pink Panther/Leslie Nielson – Naked Gun type comedy style. All while dining on a fabulous 3 course meal.

The stars of the show are Eric and Jayne Post, and they have been likened to the late George Burns and Gracie Allen (Google them if you don’t already know these entertainment legends). They are a married comedy team and just might be the last of a dying breed.
. The two of them played off each of each other very well, and certainly kept the audience entertained as they “interrogated” all of the suspects. They were delightful.
Eric plays the well-intentioned lieutenant and Jayne plays the ditsy hostess in the production in the D Showroom at the D Las Vegas.

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