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Critique Freud – Strengths and Weaknesses

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Critique Freud – Strengths and Weaknesses.

The study of the human mind will always have its complexities and its

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Critique Freud – Strengths and Weaknesses
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doubts on certain subjects. Like all psychoanalytical theories, it is

impossible to prove beyond a doubt, and much easier to uncover its strengths

rather than its weaknesses. Freud, like many psychologists that explored new

theories, had much more room for criticism However, there are strengths

that are very agreeable, since to many people he exhibited brilliance, and

was a founder of many psychological theories.

The low point of Freud which seems to stand out is that he only

studied upper middle class women in the early 20th century. Many would

argue that his conclusions were taken from a narrow point of view. All of his

theories could never be proven, because there is no way to form any sort of

concrete experiment. All of his terms were inferred as apposed to proven.

There is also the thought that, since he is studying so much of the

unconscious, isn’t it true that he might unconsciously overlook something,

or unconsciously focus too much on one aspect? After all, he is a human

being with a mind just like the human beings in which he studied.

Was it

true that Michelangelo was unconsciously painting his mother in the Mona

Lisa, or was Freud himself interpreting it this way because he unconsciously

wanted it to be his mother? All of these ideas pose a problem in proving

Freud’s theories, and all have endless room for elaboration.

It is true, however, that Freud’s theories do make sense in observation.

If you were to look at a young boy going through the Phallic stage, you

would most likely find that he is very close to his mother. Freud himself put

a lot of time into all of his studies, and was an observer himself. He inspired

many others to follow in his footsteps, elaborate on all his theories, and use

his methods even today. Freud also frequently revised his work, and seemed

to let every possibility come into perspective. As far as proofs, experiments,

or tests, Freud, like any other psychologist, has little strength.

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