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Customer Is Always Right

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The customer is always right is usually wrong. In my line of work I see this every day. I am a manager at an outlet store and dealing with customers is my number one priority. There are all kinds of customers, some will make you happy, some will make you scream or some will just be okay. Customers sometimes do not realize that our job is to help them the best way we can. I believe that some of the customers are abusing the “customer is always right,” because they know that the company does not want to lose them.

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Customer Is Always Right
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A customer knows when they are wrong but they will still try to get something out of it because it does not matter if they are right or wrong, in their world they are always right. The first question they ask is “I want to see your manager. ” That is where I come in and try nicely explaining to them the policy and that there is nothing more I can do for them.

Just because I am the manager does not mean they will get it cheaper or better. On my previous jobs, I would tell the customer the policy but they still ask to see the manager.

This is the part that gets me really frustrating because the manager will side with the customer and then I get the “customer is always right” speech, like I did something wrong. From what I have learned, having a few bad customers does not mean that the store will lose business; it means that the store might be worse by not agreeing with their employees. I believe that the employees and management need to work as a team and be positive, even when it comes to bad customers.

All stores have bad customers and all stores hate it but can not get rid off them because once the complaint gets to the big guys, they make the customers right, that is where they are wrong. They need to appreciate their employees and tell the customer to find another store if they do not like our business. I had customers that complained and screamed and thought they were right but in the end they leave and they still keep coming back to shop because they like the prices and they like the merchandise.

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