Going To College Has Always Been A Goal Of Mine

At this very moment, millions of people have the world at their fingertips. You can make a call to someone over a thousand miles away, learn a new cake recipe, and stream the latest Netflix series all within a matter of seconds. With technology progressing at an exponential rate, it is becoming much more challenging to consciously choose to invest our time in things that will benefit us for years to come over instant gratification.

Instant gratification is a term that refers to the desire of wanting to experience pleasure or fulfillment without any delay. In today’s society, people are plagued with these urges, causing them to postpone their long-term goals. We tend to focus on doing whatever makes us happy now, rather than working on the small steps that lead to our success in the future. Today’s generation seems to prioritize social media, clothes, and meaningless entertainment over their future. We are undoubtedly becoming a society that is accustomed to obtaining what we want when we want it due to the growth of technology. People are unconsciously damaging their future because of the bad habits they have grown, causing them to never meet their full potential.

Instant gratification is an issue that is not talked about enough. I have witnessed how it can ruin the lives of people firsthand. I’ve had friends that have gone off to college only to drop out months after, all because they decided going out with friends was more important than studying. I have felt peer pressured by many of my close friends to go hang out or play basketball even when I knew I had an unfinished paper due the following day. Instant gratification has also affected me and my family financially.

My parent’s bad spending habits have been a reoccurring issue in my life. The issues stem from my dad’s impulsiveness. Whether it was buying a new truck, or going out to eat on a weekly basis, my dad would often spend his money carelessly. This has made the idea of going to college worrisome for me as my parents never had the means to start a college fund for me. Their focus was on making sure our family had enough money to pay for the bills, food, and clothes. This has brought stress to our family numerous times.

Going to college has always been a goal of mine. By going to college, I will be investing in my future by being able to access all the resources my university has to offer. I will be able to build relationships with brilliant like-minded individuals who have the same passion to succeed as I do. Through the Aggie network, I will also be able to build connections with people in my career path, collaborate with my peers, and learn from some of the best professors in the nation. The only way I can be exposed to all these new opportunities is by going to college and pursuing a higher level of education. These small steps will help me reach my life-long goals in life. 

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