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Customer Service observation

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Scenario – Effective Handling of a Challenging Situation – Customer Error
The customer arrives at the reception to check out. On checking the customer details on the computer I notice that he owns money for using the mini bar and for a pay-per-view film. He demands he did not watch the film as he had difficulties to activate the system providing the films. In my role play I have to deal with this issue discreetly and ensure that the hotel retains the customer’s good faith.

Possible solutions:
I can check out the customer without making a big deal about outstanding fees
I can insist that I will not to check out the customer before he will settle the bill
I can politely explain to the customer that he needs to pay for mini bar but I will not charge him for pay-per-view film
I can let customer walk away and place his name on the black list of the customers who are not reliable and will not be allowed to make any reservation in the future
I can charge the customer for mini bar but take of the bill fee for the pay-per-view film, however I will explain to my client in a nice manners that he needs to be aware of additional charges of used services in the future
Selected solution
I decided on the last possible solution from the above list.

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Customer Service observation
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I think this is the best way to deal with challenging situation caused by customer mistake. I would like my customer to come back in the future. I think the way I dealt with this challenging situation will give the client an experience of good customer service.
Resources Required
Pen and Paper
Credit Card Machine
Time allocated to the role play was 1.5 minute.Me: Good morning Mr. Smith. How may I help youClient: Hi, Good morning. I would like to check out, please.
Me: Did you enjoy your stay with usClient: Yes, very much so.
Me: That’s excellent. Here’s your bill Sir.
Me: Would you like to check and see if the amount is correctClient: Yes, please. What is the ˆ25 forMe:…

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