Customer Service Processes at Orbitz Sample

Orbitz. which is headquartered in Chicago. Illinois. officially began making concern online in June 2001. and had originally been created in 1999 by five major air hose companies-American. Continental. Delta. Northwest and Untied. What’s more. Orbitz is one of many Internet travel company websites that offer services to people who are researching and be aftering trips and holidaies. Some of these services include booking flights. sails and hotel suites. and besides reserving rental autos. Other services are provided every bit good. and all of these can be combined in different constellations. For case. there is a instance that relates the following client service in Orbitz. Scott Paton. who is an editor-at-large for Quality Digest. Scott Paton noticed two charges for the same sum and same path but he had merely purchased one ticket. So he logged onto the Orbitz site. and contacted the client services to work out his job. Finally. he received a good response from Orbitz. What aspects of Orbitz’s service processes led to Mr. Paton’s favourable service experience? Generalize the lessons learned from this illustration to other organisations. What challenges might organisations meet in planing quality client service procedures?

Understanding the definitions of client services.

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Customer Service is the committedness to supplying clients value services. including attitude cognition. proficient support and quality of service. Nowadays. client service has to be a squad attempt and non merely the duty of employees who deal with the public straight. Supplying good client service is a critical portion of pull offing a concern. Most clients have the option to travel elsewhere if the quality of client service is missing. Therefore. good client service leads to client satisfaction. Satisfied clients are more loyal. but disgruntled clients take their money elsewhere and state their friends about the hapless service they have received. In other words. good client service is a beginning of competitory advantage.

What aspects of Orbitz’s service processes led to Mr. Paton’s favourable service experience? After reading the instance of “Customer Service Processes at Orbitz. ” I catch eight facets of Orbitz’s service processes which led to Mr. Paton’s favourable service experience as listed. The site’s low menus and easy-to-navigate interface. This is a good manner to pull new clients. At the top of the page in big. easy-to-read type was a check said “Customer Service. ”When Paton clicked on the check. he was surprised to happen there were three options: an FAQ database. an e-mail nexus. and a toll-free figure to name for aid. There are three ways to reach Orbitz’s “Customer Service. ” and convey convenience to clients. These facts show that Orbitz cares every client who needs aid. The client service section is unfastened seven yearss a hebdomad. 24 hours a twenty-four hours.

Obviously. Orbitz does really good maintaining in touch with clients if they need services. and does non any hazards to lose clients. After come ining his phone figure. Paton was led through a surprisingly speedy and easy voice mail pilotage system that divided calls by type of enquiry. Since confused clients have no forbearance to wait on a long phone line. this sort of voice mail system is really helpful. A pleasant adult female asked how she could assist Paton. and her first reaction was to apologise. This is the most common reaction. but the most effectual to do clients quiet down. When the adult females came back on the line after about two proceedingss. she apologized for go forthing Paton on clasp. This show the courtesy of Orbitz. The adult females once more apologized and asked if there was anything else she could make and if Paton was satisfied with the solution of the job. Afterwords. Paton receive the missive which included a $ 50 price reduction voucher toward his following Orbitz purchase. The voucher serviced as a compensation to him.

Generalize the lessons learned from this illustration to other organisations. What challenges might organisations meet in planing quality client service procedures? Harmonizing to the eight facets of Orbitz’s service processes that led to Mr. Paton’s favourable service experience. there are seven points of challenges might organisations meet in planing quality client service processes: Attracting new clients costs more than retaining bing clients. On the other manus. if you lose a client because of bad service or anything else. it means that you are assisting other rivals to eat the market portion. So. we supplying great service. and clients will be trueness. Companies cut down the cost of client service by utilizing telephone voice response systems. outsourcing call centres to cheaper locations. and self-servicing on the cyberspace. but they must guarantee that the quality of service is non reduced.

3. Understand your customers’s demands and run into them. and listen to the“voice of the customer”and take action consequently. 4. Good procedure and merchandise design is of import. because design merchandises and procedures will run into customers’ demands more frequently. For case. Six Sigma will assist the client service wing to choosing much more inquiries and struggles during the helping. and optimize service processes to better the efficiency of service. 5. Every client contact is a opportunity to reflect. Let clients cognize that they are doing the best pick with the beginning of most competitory advantage. 6. Open all communications channels. This presents a proficient challenge. as it requires an incorporate. streamlined solution supplying the employee with the information they need in order to efficaciously serve the client. 7. Peoples expect good client service anyplace and anytime. Friendly voice and smilings are ever appreciated.


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