Report: Customer Service and Hurrah Airlines Sample Essay

DrumheadCustomer Service Department has received ailments sing services. systems and conditions of Hurrah Airlines. The purpose of this study is to sum up weak musca volitanss in Hurrah Airlines’ client service and to do recommendations to its betterment with minimal costs.

IntroductionThis study will include:a short sum-up of the most frequent ailments sing Hurrah Airlines’ services ; recommendations for an betterment of client service of Hurrah Airlines.

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Report: Customer Service and Hurrah Airlines Sample
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FindingssHurrah Airlines’ Customer Service Department received complains. short sum-ups of which are provided in a tabular array below.

SubjectReceived ailmentsBaggage claimPassenger appealed for aid sing this affair to desk in London airdrome. Ticket booking servicePassenger wanted to alter his flights via phone and electronic mail. nevertheless. he was forced to alter them in the airdrome. where he got to pay a punishment as the new engagement had to be made within 14 yearss of the earlier engagement. Seat allotment

Received a complained from a rider sing seat allotment service. paying for which she did non acquire a place she pre-booked.

Policy sing riders with particular demandsPassenger submitted a ailment sing him being charged for the rent of a wheelchair to acquire him on the aeroplane. Ticket refundReceived a ailment sing a refund for off flight. Food and service aboardA rider complained about the quality of nutrient and service on board.

Luggage over-weightReceived a ailment about over-weighted baggage charge system.

DecisionMost of the passengers’ ailments are about quality of client service and excess services. which are non included in ticket and are charged for. The betterments of these countries are indispensable in footings of fulfilling out clients and staying their trueness.

RecommendationsIt is recommended that in order to better the quality of client services under low costs. the company should develop a scheme of gradual betterment. which includes following suggestions: 1. Adaptations of new policy of warrant of pre-ordered seats. as riders are charged for this service. 2. Developing/improvement of a system which allows clients to submit/specify their particular demands during ticket purchase. 3. An debut of a new flexible system of charges for outsize and fleshy baggage/luggage. 4. Informing riders about re-booking and/or call offing conditions and charges.

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