On the Philippine Cyber Crime Law Essay

I believe that I will have a lot of haters and maybe unfollows after this but I am willing to take that just to get my point across the Philippines. I am no one important in the Philippine Society, I am just a speck of dust in the windshield of life, I am no one to speak of these things that one would actually hear me out.

But what better way to speak if not in volumes? I might sound like a total pro-government drone but now that I have been enlightened by the actuality that is the RA # 10175, I’ll stick to my dp(everyone is doing the black profile picture as a sort of rebellion) because in all honesty, the cyber law is actually protection.I’m not trying to be a badass anymore or even trying to be anti-mainstream, but if you actually read what this Republic Act has to say, you might actually approve of it. I honestly believe that it’s for the betterment of society. It’s not as if naman everyone would just suddenly say: “I hate the government” diba? People are just too afraid without even knowing what they fear.

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On the Philippine Cyber Crime Law
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What the cyber law in the Philippines is trying to do is to put a restriction in what people do in the internet. 1. When a person gets bullied in the internet, here in the Philippines, there is no written law that would protect this individual.There is no written law to stop that cyber bully.

Under the Cyber Crime Law, these individuals would, hypothetically, be protected. 2. Hacking. That is definitely a crime with or with out the R.

A. for one, that is not your site and you don’t have the right to hack into anything. It’s like theft only you are not going in a house in the middle of the night trying your hardest not to wake dogs up. 3.

Cyber Sex. How do we stop this if there is no law to prevent it? Cyber sex is starting to get, no cross that, has always been rampant ever since the nternet can be accessed everywhere, cyber sex is propagating like a plague and with this it may possibly help lessen cyber sex victims or even non victims. 4. It’s actually a big rumour that numerous sites would be taken down or blocked.

That is how I understood the law. 5. The media or even the Philippines in general is a big. big, BIG fan or revolution, reform and so one.

It’s natural for the media to fight against the government. They are saying that the law will criminalize everyone who would post anything negative against the law.We are in a place where media strongly influence our daily lives, so gaining our support would be easy. They keep on negatively assaulting the law because THEY know that they would be criminalized.

It’s like when you get caught stealing from the cookie jar. It’s either you make others get from the cookie jar too so you won’t be alone in the punishment, you hide the cookie jar so you’re parent won’t find it and you would be clean and finally you blame the cookie jar. It would be something like: Mom: I told you not to steal from the cookie jar.You: If that cookie jar was not there I wouldn’t have stolen from it.

In the R. A. You: I hate the government/ I think person A is a bitch. Gov’t: You will be criminalized You: I wouldn’t be criminalized if that law was not there At the end of the day though, what you did is still wrong.

Stealing from the cookie jar is wrong. Though expressing yourself, saying that you hate the government or even stating that this certain person is a bitch would still be wrong because one saying the gov’t sucked or you hated it means that there is no respect.Secondly, calling someone a profanity is quite insulting indeed. It just so happened that we have lost a justification in what we do and I believe that one of the most feared part of the Law is that we might get jailed for 12 years.

The law against rape is effective, the law against murder is effective, the law against theft is effective. But, do we fear it that much? No, because we know that we won’t be doing that crime. Same goes for the Cyber Crime Law. We don’t have to hate it or fear it because we are law abiding citizens of the Philippines.

With the Cyber Crime Law, we are protecting ourselves in more ways than one. Other than physical abuse, we can now also report people who are abusing or tormenting us in the net. So with that I believe in the Cyber Crime Law. Try looking at it at a wider perspective, not only in a blogger’s or an avid internet user’s point of view.

Have an open mind and think of what this law truly is before deeming it stupid and such. I honestly was, at first, against all of this, but after a while I thought about the Cyber Crime Law and I believe that it’s for the betterment of our society.

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