Why I Am Proud to Be a American

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Why am I proud to be an American? I am proud to be an American for many reasons, but the reasons that are most important to me are the right to bear arms and freedom of speech. These things were so important that they are written in the constitution . many people will agree with me, on the fact that if we didn’t have freedom of speech or the right to bear arms we would not be the country we are today.

To start off the right to bear arms is very important to me because when I grow up and have property I want to be able to protect the land or house from robbers or other things. It also allows us to be able to go hunting and have shooting competitions. If people didn’t have guns to hunt and were told they can’t hunt, it would make a lot of people mad and even make people fight back and cause the U. S. A to collapse.

Also the freedom of speech is important because it lets people speak there mind without getting killed or told to leave. It is what runs the country. If we didn’t have Freedom, then we wouldn’t elect a president. Instead we would get told who the president was and who we worship. We would also not be able to have debates about things or have petitions to change things. We would get told you can leave it be or die and you know what everyone is doing to choose. Another thing is that the government wouldn’t be a democracy any more.

We would be a communist country; this would not be very good because we would have to do everything the government told us to do; like the job we needed to do or the doctor you had to see. They might even tell us how many kids to have or not to have. After all this you can tell that I am very proud to be an AMERICAN. I mean you have the Ten Commandments; which is why most people move here. But most importantly you have the right to bear arms and freedom of speech. If you’re not proud to be an American by now well lets just say you might have a screw loose.

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