“The Death of a Salesman” by Arthur Miller

The Death of a Salesman  is a tragic story about a man who became mislead by his dreams which ultimately led to his downfall. Fortunately his son Biff is capable of accepting his life as it is, realizing that he is meant to work with his hands in the field than to be miserable as a salesman like his father. In Tim Burton’s Big Fish, the protagonist’s son Will is capable of embracing his father and accepting who he is and his exaggerated stories.

The difference between Biff Loman and Will Bloom is that Will accepts the legacy of his father while Biff never came to like terms. Biff tried to change his father and make him see the truth where as Will embraced his father’s profession as story teller. Biff is trying to change his father and he realizes that his life is a complete lie while on the other hand Will embraces his father’s legacy. At the end of both novels both men wrestle with their father’s ideals and values before their tragic deaths.

The differences between the two protagonists are remarkable. When Biff tells Will at the end of the novel *quote about how he has been living a lie, Biff tries to change his father until the very end and he deeply wants his father to see the truth. When Will tells his father about what his funeral will be like and how everyone will be there to see him, he exaggerates just as his father had when he told him stories. Will learns the value of exaggeration and accepts that it not such a bad thing after all. Will views his father more positively while Biff’s remaining force his father to see the futile truth.

Biff realizes that his life is a failure and that he has nothing to show for it, similarly Will accepts that fact that his life is boring. Biff talks to Willy about a “dime a dozen” *quote, when Biff realizes that they aren’t anything and that that’s completely normal. When the doctor tells Will how he was born it was not quite as exciting as when his father told him the story.

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