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What creates great writing skills? From what I learned from English 1A class, there are are various opinions on the matter but the traits range far and wide. However, though there are many attributes to writing, only three will make the cut in this essay. These qualities stood out the most in the writings I’ve done so far, including the writings I did for my first essay, diagnostic, as well as workshop for others. These characteristics made the best prose to stick with so far and it helped keep me inspired by the books, such as “why school?” by Mike rose,  and writings I’ve read in the process as well.To start off, the first quality that sets itself first would be clarity and focus, in good writing  it makes everything make sense for the readers as well as the writer. It helps in a way so that nobody gets lost or have to reread passages to figure out what’s going on.

This type of focused writing hooks with the core idea without running off on too many topics at hand. When proofreading, anything that could interrupt that clarity could easily throw your balance off and the essay or writing can turn into something harder for you to concentrate on so keeping up with main idea and the precision of how you go about it can be a huge relief in the end.Secondly, thought-provoking or emotionally inspiring writings are perhaps one the most important qualities of good writing, well for myself that is. This is how the reader reacts to a certain text. Does the writer come away with a raw new perspective and ideas? Does this person close the writing with tears in their eyes? How the readers respond will definitely determine any success as a writer and for myself, the response I get from any readers, such as during workshop means a lot and helps aid me in my firture writing skills.

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Lastly, another important characteristic would be the organization of a text. A well methodized piece of writing is not only clear, but it enlightens in a way that is logical and aesthetically pleasing for the readers. You could tell spasmodic stories or place your thesis at the end of an essay and get away with it as long as your ideas are organized properly. The main goal for structure in your essay is to find the best way to construct your argument so that it flows easily for your readers to come.These qualities are only a few of many but they are important all the same. When you write, it can be a difficult task but with the right guidelines, it can become easier, maybe even better than you had thought. Being a writer myself, I know how hard it can be to write anything perfectly or at least close and so with each english class i take, it becomes easier. The writing blocks, the sudden loss of inspiration, the confusion of the structure and clarity of writing tends to strike often but these three attributes help the most in my endeavors and the way i define them is the way i see they help the most. Clarity, emotion, and Organization are some of the key traits in what helps create essays both writers and readers can enjoy.

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