Demonstration of Independent Thinking Engage

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Linkage of ideas to form a coherent flow Synthesis of solution Use of statements justified either by evidence or logic Demonstration of independent thinking engage of ideas to form a coherent flow use of statements justified either by evidence or logic Quality of Communication Standard of language (spelling, punctuation, grammar) Appropriate vocabulary for target audience Style relevant to subject matter Use of Literature & Referencing poor Quality of sources Integration of citation in text Bibliography Evidence of reading around subject Appendices where appropriate Quality Of sources 59 Overall Grading

No serious attempt to address the question or problem, and / or shows a serious misunderstanding of the requirements of the assignment. Inadequate in most or all of the following: length, content, structure, organization, expression, discussion, explanation, accuracy and relevance. Attempts to address the question / problem but is substantially incomplete and deficient. Serious problems with a number of aspects of language use. A solid piece of work covering the basic aspects of the topic.

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Attempt made at research beyond recommended texts with attempt to present / use references / bibliography according to subject convention. Generally follows the requested format and instructions regarding organization, expression, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and presentation / use of diagrams and / or tables. Very good work which covers the subject matter in a thorough, thoughtful and competent manner with few errors or gaps in content, explanation or accuracy. Research with sources presented according to subject convention.

Well presented, clearly written, few errors in structure, organization, expression, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and presentation / use of diagrams and / or tables Excellent work that often shows some originality or creativity of insight and approach is well-articulated and demonstrates a thorough understanding of the subject matter. Shows evidence of considerable research beyond recommended textbooks and the Internet. Well-presented, well-structured, good organization with few or no errors in grammar, spelling or punctuation. Presentation of diagrams and / or tables follows required format.

The following provides an outline of what your tutor might expect to see in your assignment to achieve higher marks: 60-69% Clear language used, including appropriate use of legal terminology, with content well presented. Overall content of the assignment will show that you have a very good understanding of contract, tort and employment law and concepts and the importance of case law and legislation. You will need to demonstrate that you can apply these to the Phillip Davies and Skibobs O’Leary scenarios. Your report is well structured and demonstrates a good application of the various areas of business law to both scenarios.

Evidence Of research using a variety Of relevant sources (to include academic commentators in addition to internet sources), with resources clearly referenced and linked to the Phillip Davies and Skibobs O’Leary scenarios given. Harvard referencing demonstrated with very good use of and preference to sources within the assignment text. 70-100% A clear grasp of legal terminology and its application to both scenarios. Report is well presented with clear evidence of critical thinking and analysis, reflection on the issues and how they can be defended by the relevant parties.

Consideration Of remedies available should also be demonstrated. Overall content and presentation of the report demonstrates an excellent understanding of the legal issues, and can provide clear and relevant advice on the legal position of the parties involved in the Phillip Davies and Skibobs O’Leary case studies. Evidence of research using a variety of up-to-date sources clearly relevant to customer service and quality management issues, clearly linked to the Phillip Davies and Skibobs O’Leary scenarios provided.

Harvard referencing evident throughout, with excellent use of and reference to a range of credible and relevant legal sources (both academic commentary and internet sources) within the assignment text. Case Study Report part A: Philip Davies v Ideal Venue Ltd Philip wants to organizes a conference for the members of his Star Trek appreciation society and sees an advert online for an events management many called Ideal Venue Ltd. On 20 April, Philip calls Ideal Venue to get a quote for a day conference with a buffet.

The advisor tells Philip that this will cost IEEE plus the buffet cost of EH per attendee, or EH per attendee for a party of 50 or more. Philip is told to book in writing to secure the date that he wants, and that he should book quickly to avoid disappointment. Philip decides to book the conference using Ideal Venue, and writes to them on 24 April requesting a booking for 18 June, but asks whether they would be prepared to change the buffet price to EH per attendee because there are 48 people are attending.

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