Demonstration Speech

When choosing demonstration speech ideas the most important consideration is to find something you are comfortable doing.

Giving a demonstration speech can actually be very easy, as long as you’ve chosen the right topic and you’re well prepared. After all, when you give your presentation, your ability to actually perform the activity you are demonstrating for others is rather important!

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Demonstration Speech
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So what are some good ideas for demonstration speeches? In a demonstrative speech you show your audience how to do something.

Speech Topic: Use Demonstration Speech Ideas That You Have Some Knowledge Of

Think about what special skills you have or what activities you are involved in that might be of interest to others. This might take some time and thought, because we tend take for granted the things we know how to do!

Nevertheless, there’s a very good chance that there’s something YOU can do that others can’t… even if it’s something very simple, like wrapping a gift with style or folding a napkin to look like a swan!

Some wonderful how to speech ideas are those that encourage audience participation.

If you can provide the necessary supplies, a great speech project is to teach a craft that all the audience members can do along with you. Imagine how pleased they would be to take home an ornament or other decorative item at the end of your presentation.

Speech Topic: Still Stuck for Ideas?

If you don’t think there is anything special that you know how to do, think about whether you know a way to do a common task that’s eitherdifferent, more efficient or more fun than the way most people do it.

For example, many people know how to make an apple pie… but perhaps you have a secret ingredient or process you can share. Come to think of it, there are probably about 100 demonstration speech ideas in your kitchen alone, and that’s not including making an apple pie!

Demonstration Speech Ideas List

Here’s a short list of ideas. Although there may be nothing here that you actually know how to do, perhaps the first word of each line will trigger an idea for you.

Also, check out good demonstration speech topics for a list of 50+ ideas, and how to speech topics for a list of 100 more.

You can show your audience how to:

· Play an instrument · Take care of a pet · Fix an appliance · Clean a camera · Pot and care for a plant · Build a bookshelf or other project · Prepare your favorite recipe · Play a game · Line dance · Tune a guitar · Create a scrapbook · Tie dye a shirt

Speech Topic: Tips for a Perfect Presentation

Once you’ve chosen your topic, begin to prepare for your speech. It’s very important to gather all the materials and visual aids you’ll need, and practice in advance.

If you’re demonstrating a process that has a number of steps and requires some “waiting time” in between them, be sure to bring examples of the project at each stage in the process.

If you’ve ever watched a cooking show you know what I mean. They eliminate some of the time consuming (and boring) elements by simply showing you how the step is performed and then bringing out an example in which that step has already been completed. This keeps the audience engaged and also allows you, as the demonstrator, to make sure there are fewer mishaps.

Hopefully you’ve either found some great demonstration speech ideas here, or the inspiration to come up with your own. With your great idea and adequate preparation and practice, you’ll be able to give an expert demonstration for your audience!

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