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Description Candies

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Candies would like to think of myself as a healthy eater, which have to admit I am not. I try not to eat much meat during the week and I always eat a variety vegetables. Nevertheless, have weakness that renders all my attempts at healthy eating, of courses candy is on the top of the list. This little piece of savor that can change my mood, feelings, bring memories of my childhood, and which have a little taste of heaven. This unique smell, that make my mouth watering, of a flavor candy which can be at the same time sweet, and a blend Of different perfume such as housecoat, caramel, coconut, or fruity.

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Description Candies
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Above that, candies have often a bittersweet taste, a controversial fusion but which fell so smooth. AH thoughts know it is made of sugar so it is not healthy, when I start devour a candy I can’t get enough and I don’t want to stop good for or not.

When I eat a can there is more than just the taste who bring joy in my heart. It bring instantly to my childhood, where everything was so simple at least for me. It make if of my dear Uncle. Every time we were going visit him was so excited, because he always have so candy in his pocket and knew I sure will eave one or two.

I definitely had to beg and be for it, but I knew anyway I will get some candies. Because of that he sure became my favorite Uncle, and he knew how to make me happy. Also, I associate candies with recompense. My mother used to be careful of my diet, and she was making sure that I eat healthy. That why candies was when I do something good. For example I had a good grade in a test, cleaned my room, or just being polite. In consequence, was proud of it and candy was my prize. In conclusion, for me candy Cortes taste really good and I enjoy it, but it is more than; It is lead to my youth.

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