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Why do men always think that if they just have a drink all their insecurities will just go away? It’s all in the advertising. Advertising marketers are putting so much emphasis into making people feel secure that they are afraid to just be themselves. Captain Morgan has been promoting The Captain Was Here is their advertising which is a way to relate to shy men that with a drink of Captain Morgan they will be successful with women. Women know that it will take more than just a few drinks to be successful, that there is a lot more to a man than what he drinks.

In order to be successful with a woman, it takes a man that is willing to be himself. Captain Morgan Spiced Rum ads both print and television is that they are focusing on how men can get lucky with the ladies. They are trying to brainwash men into believing that women will only be with a man that has enough confidence to make the first move. One main point that Captain Morgan nonverbally states to men is that without a shot or drink made with Captain Morgan Spiced Rum they will end up going home alone.

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Men are idolized in whatever schemes are established while drinking this alcohol and always get what they want if they just have a drink of the alcohol. All the advertising seems to be making men less confident in their own selves therefore they are relying more on drinking which in the end, impairs their ability to make a rational decision. The writer has established credibility of a promise to men that as long as they have the drink they will find a way to get the woman they are after, even if it takes a little magic.

This article is suggesting an impression of a man working his magic receives his prize of the woman that he can simply pull out of the hat. I am not convinced as it would take more then a drink and a little magic for a woman to go home with a man. This advertisement does not show a picture of reality, it is more of someone’s vision of a dream. If all it took was a little magic to have the woman of your dreams then there would be less alcohol consumed and more men with self confidence. In this advertisement the lighting is slightly ark, like you would find at a bar or night club. This print advertisement uses a lot of bright color in order to promote their drink. The use of bright colors helps to promote happiness and cheer that is achieved once one’s problems are solved. Bright colors also give the element of a person being cured. There is a spot light over the man and women, like they are the only two in the room. The man is dressed in a suit showing he is classy and full of certainty. The man has an expression on his face that shows he is proud of the work he just completed.

The woman is shown wearing bunny ears, like a playboy model would, and her hair and makeup all done. I see this representation of a woman degrading as women are being presented and looked at as pets or objects, something a man can easily take possession of. The woman has a look of shock on her face and could be asking herself what is this guy trying to do to me? The picture for the ad is of a white man and a white woman. It could make a person wonder if Captain Morgan thinks that all white men need a little boost of self-assurance in order to acquire their minds desires.

Most of the ads that Captain Morgan Spiced Rum has show white men having to have a drink in order to receive their needs. There are men and even women of all races that could use a little boost of encouragement or liquid courage, as it is sometimes called, to help them pick up someone from the bar. Self confidence is something that is learned throughout a lifetime and isn’t associated to a person’s race. The color of a person’s skin doesn’t dictate how well they will handle conversing with someone else. The use of a pirate to promote Captain Morgan Spiced Rum was used for the sense that pirates were around to have fun.

They are very daring and are usually drinking and seem to be the life of the party. Pirates enjoy the same privileged status as the popular consciousness as ninjas and gunslingers. At once flamboyant, murderous and disdainful of authority, the pirate was the ultimate rebel. And what red-blooded drunkard hasn’t yearned to sail the high seas in search of rum, wenches, and adventure? Although drinking Captain Morgan Spice Rum doesn’t automatically make a man have the ability to get the woman of his dreams, the marketing of this brand seems to portray the fact that it does.

Women know that it takes a man with their own self confidence to seal the deal. Captain Morgan tends to set their ads in a club or bar scene in order to portray their messages. The Captain is known as the life of the party. This ad portrays a white man and woman and can be read as the white man is the one that needs a boost of self acceptance in order to get the woman. The bright colors help the reader to see the ad as positive and cheerful. The pirate used as the icon of the advertisement can be seen as a person that is full of confidence and the center of attention.

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